Messerschmitt Tyger(KR500) scale 1:24 Designer Ed van der Heijden

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Messerschmitt Tyger(KR500) scale 1:24 Designer Ed van der Heijden

The "Messerschmitt KR500" refers to a motorcycle model produced by the German company Fichtel & Sachs AG, known as Messerschmitt after World War II. Here are some details about the Messerschmitt KR500: Production Years: The Messerschmitt KR500 was produced between 1957 and 1961. Manufacturer: Fichtel & Sachs AG, which produced Messerschmitt cars and motorcycles after the war. Type: The KR500 was a three-wheeled "kabinenroller" (cabin scooter) and had a unique design with a covered cabin. Engine: The engine was a single-cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 494 cc, giving the model the designation "KR500." Covered Cabin: A distinctive feature of the Messerschmitt KR500 was the covered cabin for the driver and passenger, giving the vehicle a unique appearance. Tandem Seating: The seats in the Messerschmitt KR500 were arranged in tandem style, with the passenger sitting behind the driver. This model was popular as an economical and practical mode of transportation in the post-war period in Europe. The Messerschmitt KR500 is now often remembered as an iconic example of microvehicle design from that era.
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I am a Mathematics and Technology teacher by profession. and studied electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Applied Sciences

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