Metz 45 Flash gun Li-ion 18650 Battery Holder

Li-ion 18650 battery holder for Metz 45 flash gun


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I got one AA battery holder with my flash gun (Met 45 CL-1) and it was partially broken.
Considering the price of original rechargeable holder and the fact that 4 18650 batteries can fit in the same place it was inevitable... :)
First design i did was with laser cut plywood stacked to desired height. It works and I'll put the files up but i knew it could be so much better.
So here it is. Printed in PLA as my first serious PLA print ( i printed with ABS before ) I think it looks ok. In pictures I need to add the last contact connecting all four pads on the bottom together.
Also there is comparison with factory AA holder for 6 AA batteries and wooden plug i made for external 9v power supply...

Fusion 360 project:

Materials and methods

Printed on raft with PLA 0.15mm layers
To finish it you need to glue it and cut aluminium contact pads from thin aluminium sheet. Soda can is too thin i think but you can try. I used aluminium from deodorant spry can (make sure it's empty first!!! ).
Some cleanup and filling will probably necessary because i wanted good fit.



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D1d60d38d75e69f7cc181d2287826250?default=blank&size=40ianbutton1 commented ago

OK, I tried again with Tinkercad, and your files loaded OK. Don't know what was wrong earlier. Also, downloading the Fusion file, exporting as OBJ and importing again into Tinkercad also works.

I squeezed a pair of 10mm flat Li batteries into a slightly modified Metz 45 NiCad pack, and it shows 7.5v across the terminals - but it doesn't power up the flashgun. A pair of 18650 with 8.4v, connected externally to either the alkali or NiCd pins inside the grip works fine. I don't understand why the 10mm batteries don't work, unless they include battery management that inhibits the high current drain. They are from Dell fileservers (RAID controller batteries) and the original package includes a management PCB (I think) that I stripped out.

But my 60CT dryfit conversion works well - 6x 18650's gives plenty of mAh! I cut off the battery top and the batteries just slide nicely in between the lead cell-separators, giving 3 pairs of 2 cells.

D1d60d38d75e69f7cc181d2287826250?default=blank&size=40ianbutton1 commented ago

Hi, this is very interesting. I've been converting my 60CT dryfit batteries to Lithium 18650 and am now looking at 45's. But 18650 cells don't fit in the 45 grip - does your design require to be taped in place?

I tried downloading your STL files, but they don't load in Tinkercad - it says corrupt file. I spotted that your STLs are not encrypted, whereas the STL file for my one-and-only Tinkercad project is encrypted. (My design was a filler screw for ancient Sonnenschein lead-acid battery powering a 1950's Metz 500 - it printed OK but I probably used wrong material as it was too fragile). Any suggestions about your STL files? Do you have newer versions or details incorporating your battery management plans etc?

Many thanks


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390104d26f7ddcc19dd0c9002324d641?default=blank&size=40knovak commented ago

Thank you for the file. I'm editing to insert a battery protection circuit, add a connector for the charger and the ability to connect a module to check the state of charge. I will be scoring the batteries with nickel strips.

390104d26f7ddcc19dd0c9002324d641?default=blank&size=40knovak created issue Help ago
9be0d3069e16ca209b92cf4c1d371ced?default=blank&size=40SMladen commented ago

Hey Lucb. Flash is behaving normally, fast charging but not too fast witch would make me worry about internal components. I don't really have lot of experience with normal batteries so i can't give you direct comparison also my 18650 are of low quality and don't have protection circuit in them so i am really careful not to discharge them too much.

If you can't get access to 3d printer (Facebook friends in your community or university close by (you'd be surprised!!)) look at shapeways or i also have version for laser cutter. Not as neat but better then buying AA's. I also use external 9v power supply (you can see the picture) maybe that can solve some of your needs.


4bd7d4d2bfc4ccf53913a87ec5b1e1e7?default=blank&size=40Lucb commented ago

Think you read my mind, I was looking how to retrofit the 18650 in the Metz 45..can you share how perfoming those batteries were..

And looking to buy a couple since I don't have a 3d printer


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