Issue What voltage you have used? #2

EchoControl opened this issue on December 01, 2021 20:55

As far as I investigated this, battery pack has sum of 7.2v, but one 18650 usually has 3.7v in one cell. Could you tell what batts were you using and wasn't there any issues with flash after?


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    Some tweaks are needed for model itself, does not fit my cl-1.

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    I see, thanks for fast reply!

    I will test it tomorrow and reply on my results

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    Haven't had any issues with the voltage. The flash can also be powered with 9v from external power supply or a battery pack. The voltage on the 18650 pack as designed here is at maximum 8.4v so it should not be a problem. I also made a dummy plug for external 9v supply from a wall wart and have not had any problems with it. It just works. you may need to do some filing to adjust the holder as printed but that will depend on your printer. :D

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