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Microphone stand device mount

This thing clamps onto a microphone stand and holds a device with a standard tripod socket. One picture shows its intended use - putting a Zoom H2 audio recorder on a stand below the microphone.

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    Features a pressure plate to clamp the microphone stand so that the stand is not marred by the screw.

    The SCAD file is somewhat parametric so it should be trivial to make this clamp onto tubes of different diameters. Also, the SCAD script builds the stand clamp and the tripod head separately so it would be easy to use the clamp separately as a part of other things.

    This is set up to use an M4 screw as the clamping mechanism, with a captive M4 nut in the nut trap. Adjust the hole diameter, nut trap width and depth before printing if you use a different sized screw.

    The small cutout on the surface of the mounting plate is a recess so that a 1/4" E-clip can be put over the 1/4" bolt to hold it captive.

    The cork covering (or some covering) is really necessary - the plastic is so slippery that the device will just spin even if very tight. Some rubber sheet cut out of a bicycle inner tube would work fine too. Either silicone adhesive or contact cement should work fine.

    I used two knobs from thingiverse.com/thing:11797 - conveniently the two knobs that are already defined in the SCAD file.

    This will print with a thin wall between the E-clip recess and the bolt hole for bridging. Just cut that out with a knife or poke it out with a 1/4" drill bit by hand.

    I also think that brushing some acetone on the pressure plate (the bit between the screw and the microphone stand shaft) is a good idea - it will strengthen the piece there. Make sure nobody cranks down the clamp screw when it's not on a stand, it'll break that piece right off.



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