Mini Firestick & The Firetops

Mini Firestick & The Firetops


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Here's a niche thing for an already fairly niche thing, a subset of a subset if you will...

So you're thinking you want to make your own arcade control panel. You've tracked down the joystick models and maybe even printed some, then you're wondering: wouldn't it be a good idea to have hollow stems/shafts as part of your setup so you can pass wiring through them, all clean and tidy without any unsightly cables showing? But what is the wiring for?


Let me introduce you to the Mini Firestick, the world's smallest, usable, two button flightstick and her backing band, The Firetops, obviously the best way to attach a fire button to the top of your joystick, right? Obviously.

There are two versions of the Firestick, one is stronger, and the other takes less resources:

_4415H means: 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, 15% infill and H is Hex infill.
_335L means: 3 top layers, 3 bottom layers, 5% infill and L is Line infill.

If you want an arcade joystick assembly that's nearly fully 3D printable and has a hollow stem option then here is a link:

If you would rather buy a (Sanwa type joystick) hollow shaft then here's a link:

If you need a cheap and cheerful Sanwa clone joystick to go with that shaft, here's a non-affiliate ebay link to the type of I use:

Please consider supporting me on Patreon (and gain access to STL versions):

Thanks for checking out my designs.

Print Settings


Aquila X2 (Ender 3 clone)



Filament brand:


Filament material:



  • Placeholder
    Joy Stick Disc 01
    STL  β€“  50 kb
    Version 19 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Fs 335 L
    GCODE  β€“  5.9 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Fs 4415 H
    GCODE  β€“  7.1 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Ft 12mm 335 L
    GCODE  β€“  2 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Ft 24mm 335 L
    GCODE  β€“  4.3 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Ft 28mm 335 L
    GCODE  β€“  4.9 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022
  • Placeholder
    Jst Ft 30mm 335 L
    GCODE  β€“  5 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 19, 2022


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