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modular printhead for Ultimaker2 - v2.2

Modular head to aid mounting alternative heads to the Ulitimaker2

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Inspired by Foehnsturm (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ulitimaker-orig-modular-printhead-merlin-ubis) but build from scratch for the Ultimaker2.

I started with a version1 based on a mirrored baseblock of foehnsturm, but due to the asymmetrical rod placement you would lose more buildspace then necessary. I managed to get an almost symmetrical rod placement.

Some remarks;

- you can use this head with the default UM2 firmware, but the margins are small. I only have 1mm of space between the block on the front of the printer when starting a print.

- if you create your own alternative mounts (paste struder, plotter, full metal head,... many projects possible..) you will need to reduce the XY margins in firmware.

- for cable management take 2 tie wraps of the same small size, from 1 you only need the head, mount as in the picture.

- For mounting and un-mounting; remove filament and bowden tube, remove the 2 long screws at the left side.

- To remove the 3 original black plastic parts you don't need to remove cables at the printboard side, the fans have connectors in the black sleeve you can easily clip/unclip.

- Mark your XY rods before removal (they are not the same length) and check how far they need to stick out to touch the endswitch.

- MAKE SURE to level your bed after installation !!

- If you create an alternative mount for this, please share it, preferably including the step file.

- I printed mine with 0.1 layer, 50% fill, 1,2 shell, 35 mm/s

- "Mount_v2i2e.stl" has 1 build in support you can easily take out with a small plier, no need for additional support in cura.

- Want to discuss this thing? do it here;


- If you noticed my nozzle is not UM2 default, its an exchangable "olson block"


A Plotter is available for this design here;


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