Multi Hanger Clotheshanger

A multiple clothes hanger organizer that allows you to cram even more items of clothing into limited hanging space.

For your home


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    A multiple clothes hanger organizer that allows you to cram even more items of clothing into limited hanging space.

    This, like so many things, was created to make my wife happy. Unfortunately she is restricted to a mere three closets (love you honey ;) ) and as such, does not have enough hanging space to store all of her clothes that can't be kept in drawers for reasons beyond my understanding.

    This is not a completely original concept, I saw something similar on a late night infomercial at some point maybe a decade ago and this design came to mind. Please feel free to use and modify as you see fit.

    It can hold a decent amount of weight printed in PLA, I was able to hang a leather jacket and two heavy sweaters from one without issue or bending. I'm sure ABS or Nylon would be able to hold even heavier items.

    Materials and methods

    Printer: Reprap Prusa i2
    Rafts: No
    Supports: No
    Infill: 30%

    I don't recommend anything lower than 20% infill unless you are only hanging very lightweight items. I had no problems at all with 30%.



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