MyPi Raspberry Pi kit for handheld retrogaming

The MyPi is a kit based on the Raspberry Pi 3 for playing retrogames on a handheld device with a 5 inch screen and stereo sound


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This is a case for a handheld arcade based on the Raspberry Pi 3 named the MyPi ( The MyPi was designed to use a 5 inch LCD to make viewing more comfortable and was designed with stereo sound to enjoy classic arcade music such as the music used in the Outrun arcade game. I

It's like having a small tabletop arcade unit that can be held comfortably and played anywhere.

Checkout the feature article about us in The MagPi (

Enjoy the ability to play retrogames on a large LCD anywhere, or use the composite output of the Raspberry Pi and play retrogames on a classic CRT TV (LCD TVs work too) for that trip back in time to the 1980s or 1990s or even from the 1970's.

Have you ever wondered what games were like on the Sinclair computers? Commodore computers? Maybe you'd prefer to experience those SNES games or Sega Genesis games again? There are more than 50 different emulators available for RetroPie - experience them all at your fingertips with the MyPi.

The 3d printable MyPi case and parts will need an electronics kit to complete the MyPi build.

Build your own MyPi kit a' la carte style - starting at $9.95 pick what you need to make your own handheld retrogames arcade at:

Schematic & parts list:
Partial parts list and links on Amazon:

Parts not found at Amazon can be found at Mouser, Digikey, or other parts suppliers.

If you prefer a more traditional looking case, have a look at the MyPi Squared case at The MyPi Squared and MyPi cases are interchangeable - just put the kit electronics into the case that you prefer.

Materials and methods

-A MyPi Raspberry Pi Kit from



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