Nespresso Capsule Recycler

Recycle your Nespresso capsules

For your home

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TL;DR : Recycle your Nespresso capsules.

Easily, safely, hassle and mess free.

Quick guide on how to use it:

(The unit featured is a prototype. Uploaded version have size adjusted propelly).

Please see instructions with the attached pictures on how to make it.

Using the single serve machine is convenient: pop a capsule, push and you're served.

But it does raise an important issue: how to recycle them?

Nespresso do provide a recycling service but you have to stock the used pods and get to one of their salepoint or collect point... Problem for me is that I go to their store only twice a year... I won't stock 350 used pods in my home for that. So I needed a solution.

Usual home recycling circuit doesn't allow throwing those pods has recyclable, you have to dump them in the normal garbage because of the used coffee inside that cannot be taken out in an automated process (in fact they can but they have to upgrade their lines).

There's one or two device that exist where you litterally crush the pods to get the coffee out. A major issue with these is that it's not clean at all. There's still a lot of coffee left over. Plus the fact that you have to buy it...

Another method is to do it by hand. Meaning you need a knife to cut the aluminum sheet (with all the risk involved playing with a knife...) and carve the interior yourself. Risky and time consuming...

With this "must have" accessories for your Nespresso machine, you're covered.

It's a two parts design with a container to keep it stored and clean for the next batch of pods.

  1. Top cover to keep the dust away.
  2. Middle part is used to cut the thin aluminum sheet that seal the pods.
  3. Extractor is to take out ALL the coffee from the pod in ONE single sweep.
  4. The bottom case that hold everything stored.

As you precut the aluminum sheet, it ensure that you have the widest opening for the next step and it allow you to keep the capsule shape intact for possible future creative use (some people even put coffee back in after washing it).

Not only it's MUCH easier but it's also the safest method. You don't have to use a knife, small bit of cutter blade are embedded inside the part and are only a millimeter out from the surface.

The extractor is exactly shaped like the pod so simply insert it, twist and everything will get out. If you're lazy, you can use only this tool and not precut the aluminum cover but you won't get the best result.

Prefer doing it on dry coffee (first one in video) as wet is a bit sticky.

Now you can reuse your coffee ground as fertilizer for your plant (or many other reuse) and throw the aluminum to the recyclable.

This is simply the best design available for that purpose.

Easy. Fast. Safe.

I know that Keurig is the king in USA/Canada but it's not available outside and in the rest of the world, Nespresso have the most market part.



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