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Open Source Bong

A modular 3D printable water pipe. pick and choose your sections, and assemble in any order you please! Designed to be used with a glass bowl.


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its exactly what is looks like. all images are computer renderings.

Materials and methods

please print with a food safe material such as nylon.



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hey , I'm have the same issue as aaronz99. Anyways, the lip at the bottom of the tesla tube, where does that fit into cause I've tried screwing it into other pieces I have printed and no luck

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Mini imgChris commented ago

I don't honestly remember the diameter of the downstem.

1c0ec389d38714598ff1d12019d3a031?default=blank&size=40Eli Savage commented ago

cant wait to start printing this piece, absolutely wonderful design. just a question before i get going on it, is the down stem connection 14 or 18 mm?

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Mini imgChris commented ago

Feel free to modify the design and upload!

922311189f569b21a8e9eded27a86635?default=blank&size=40Freedumb55 commented ago

Love the design. Printed well on my Prusa i3 Pro X. Printed with RigidInk transparent PETG.

Only issue I had was when using this with the "Tesla Bubbler" is it caused a big restriction. Air is pulled through 3 tubes from one tube the same size.

I also scaled this to 75%.

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5a144b6df02bd9a97e6d5f86e35e1b9a?default=blank&size=40aaronz99 commented ago

what is the small lip on the bottom of the tesla bubbler i printed it and cant screw it into any other parts

5a144b6df02bd9a97e6d5f86e35e1b9a?default=blank&size=40aaronz99 commented ago

what is the small lip on the bottom of the tesla bubbler i printed it and cant screw it into any other parts

Mini imgChris commented ago

Determining whether to use supports it not is really dependant on material

type, layer height, infill%, and perimeter count. Thicker layers with more

printers generally won't need as much support material. I printed this

without support using PLA, 0.25mm layers, 3 perimeters, with maybe 25%

rectilinear infill.

5c213f18aad007f10366e1ca88c1345a?default=blank&size=40Terry Ambrogio commented ago

wont print without supports i dont know what supports i should try everything goes to crap around line 11 on the base

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Mini imgChris commented ago

Try and try again! It's all about knowing your machine and material


A37c5673c040d56705dce5583840de61?default=blank&size=40Zach Johnson commented ago

I tried no supports on base, i didn't work very well

Mini imgChris commented ago

I was able to print this in Colorfabb PLA/PHA without supports anywhere,

and the material is basically the same as PLA, so any material should be

fine, just use at least 3 perimeters and you'll likely be fine.

D614c7010ddbc241ca7050696e843167?default=blank&size=40BodaTheWise commented ago

Supports on the Base?

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