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As a little girl Monique loved to escape in books and music. She dreamt away in the fantasy and science fiction worlds of the future. In books nothing was impossible. <br>For music she loved her walkman. Too bad hers always broke down. Monique opened them up to try to repair them but was flabbergasted by all the little&nbsp; gears, levers and springs and how they all worked together. She never succeeded in repairing a walkman but her fascination for technics was born. <br><br>Monique believes technics can help shape our future. For example 3d printers can enable people to make stuff exactly like they need it. Stuff that can enable them to do things they never could before. Stuff that fits their needs so perfectly that they do not want a new thing every year. Monique is exploring what 3d printers can do and trying to find out how they can help us create a more sustainable future.<br>Do you have an idea?&nbsp; Let her know.<br><br>Monique studied Industrial design engineering, envisioned an intelligent cane for the blind, investigated robotics for healthcare and gained hands on experience as an engineer in small and big firms. Now she is an independent designer always on the lookout for inspiring projects.<br><br>

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