OpenRC F1 Dual Color McLaren Edition

OpenRC F1 Dual Color McLaren Edition


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Based on original design: OpenR/C 1:10 Formula 1 car by Daniel Norée


This is a OpenRC F1 body inspired by the 2017 McLaren livery. It´s meant to be printed using dual extrusion. I have printed it using a BCN3D Sigma.

There are two STL´s per part. Color1 and Color2. the color name is consistent and the same on all parts.

The body is printed in ECO PLA from Creative Tools

The Tires are printed in nGen Flex from colorFabb

The gears are printed in Alloy 910 from Taulman3D



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Brilliant. Thankyou for the share:)

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Beautiful, fantastic.

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thank you buddy very grateful cant wait to build this as I do rc cars for a second hobby but thing this printing stuff is gonna take over lmao thanks again for your help

Mini p1040378Daniel Norée commented ago

Hi, you can find the other parts needed here:

Mini welcome to nifage airsoftnifage-gaming commented ago

hi I would love to print this as it looks awesome only thing im wondering is were is the chassis and all the over bits wheels suspention arms etc ??

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