Outdoor Enclosure for RPi Touchscreen

RPi and Touchscreen mount designed to be wall mounted outside



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Lots of parts to this one but the end result was worth it

To facilitate service to my in ground pool I modified RPi OS to open the control page
of my web enable pool interface (AquaLink). This is the enclosure I drew to mount
the RPi to the wall near the pool.

This is a design to create a waterproof wall enclosure to hold a Raspberry Pi  
Touch Screen (Seedstudio 7 inch Touchscreen Display) and the raspberry Pi with a 
power supply.  It all fit in a three duplex wide old work type wall box.

All parts were printed in ABS to allow solvent cementing the fasteners and edges
holes were drilled and small screws fastened the 6 fastener pieces to the 4 glued 
screen positioning plates.

Sealing was done using Permatex Ultra Gray gasket sealer around the wall to cover
interface, screen to bezel interface and bezel to back joints.

My Ultimaker 2 printer bed is not large enough for the Back and Bezel so I had 
to cut those in two parts to successfully print.

Materials and methods

Printed in ABS for ease of solvent cementing parts together.
Printed is halves to fit build plate of Ultimaker 2
I removed the back of the work box to increase cooling of internal components
Used 3mm cap screw and screw inserts to fasten bezel to base
Used Permatex Ultra Gray to seal wall to back, display to bezel and back to bezel surfaces (this is more of a gasket sealer than adhesive).
Should you 3D printer have a lager print area the source code will proide you with a way to make the one piece stl files for the back and bezel.



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