Paper Pot Tool

Make biodegradable pots for your seeds and seedlings!

For your home


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This is a handy tool used to make little paper pots out of newspaper. Great for starting seeds, and easy to use.

I saw some things designed to make newspaper pots, but none of them were quite what I had in mind (either requiring supports, too complicated, no grips, etc) so I decided to design my own. Editing the .scad file allows you to easily change the size of the pot, depth, grip sizes, etc.

Just cut a strip of newspaper (use black and white because colored ink can contain toxins--black ink is around hand-width. Then, wrap it around the cylinder on the larger tool part. Fold the ends in, press it into the cap, and carefully remove the newly-formed pot!

The black and white newspaper is also biodegradable, so once the plants are ready to go in the ground you can just drop the entire thing in.

Clarification: This is actually being released under the MIT License, available at YouMagine did not give this as an option but I want to share it anyway. You can pretty much do anything you want with it!

Materials and methods

This tool is entirely printable and doesn't require any supports or fasteners.

A pair of scissors and some old newspaper are all you need to get started.



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