Parametric Box for everything

A fully parametric and 99.9% printable box with a magnetic lid.


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# Moved over from Takerbot's Thingiverse...

For pencils, glasses, tools, pills, toys, milling bits, phones,
components, insects, USB-sticks, Tesa, sewing cotton, batteries, dust,
TEK 7000 plugins, eggs, nerf darts, butter cookies, drills, motors,
transistors, toy cars, cables, in-ear phones, plugs, brains, bass
strings, knobs, spoons, small vise collections, watches, chewing gum,
lenses, tapes, magnets, fingers, and, and, and...

Open the provided "PencilBox_Vxy.scad" file with OpenSCAD and set the first four parameters like this: 

PRINTBOT =       1;                // 0/1 turn bottom part off/on 
PRINTTOP =       1;                // 0/1 turn top part (lid) off/on 
PRINTPOS =       0;                // 0/1 move lid in printing position 
SHOWOFFPOS =     1;                // 0/1 nice looking off/on; 

This will show the box with the lid open. 

Tune all parameters until the box matches your needs. 


- If the lid suddenly "leaves" the box, check "hiHeight". 
- "hiDia" is the diameter of the hinge hole. 
  Make sure it is a little larger than your filament diameter. 
- Make sure to enter the right magnet size settings. 
- Pay attention to the grip parameters too. 
  These are not absolute values but relative scaling factors. 

If you are happy with the results, set 

PRINTBOT =       1;                // 0/1 turn bottom part off/on 
PRINTTOP =       0;                // 0/1 turn top part (lid) off/on 
PRINTPOS =       1;                // 0/1 move lid in printing position 
SHOWOFFPOS =     0;                // 0/1 nice looking off/on; 

export the bottom part. 
To save the lid, set 

PRINTBOT =       0;                // 0/1 turn bottom part off/on 
PRINTTOP =       1;                // 0/1 turn top part (lid) off/on 

Print warp-free ;-) 

You will need: 

- both printed parts, bottom and top (lid) 
- 2 x a bit of filament as hinge pins 
- 4 x magnet 

Put a little glue into the four magnet slots and check the orientation of the magnets. 
Then, check the orientation of the magnets. 
Then, check the orientation of the magnets. 
Then, check the orientation of the magnets. 
After checking the magnet orientation a fifth time, press them into 
the slots and wait until the glue has dried. 

Align the bottom and top part and insert a bit of filament into the hinge holes on each side. 
Cut away the excess filament down to ~0.5mm and use a soldering iron to fix the hinge pin. 

- Pack all your stuff in the box. 
- Move the box to another place. 
- Flip the box over. 
- Open it. 
- Blame it on your children. 


- V1.2: added missing grip size modifiers 



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