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Issue Module Invocation #2

Stefan Schmitt opened this issue on November 28, 2021 21:37

i'v got a problem with the generator.
I chose this parameters

module belting(
print_layout = loop_belt,
tooth_profile = HTD_5mm,
tooth_count = undef,
belt_length = 250,
belting_width = undef,
backing_thickness = undef,
max_diameter = maximum_diameter)

But I cant see any preview
What did I wrong?
Did I some mistake with the syntax????

Pleas help


    6041bfbf383aca8b1f111d0c9834387e?default=blank&size=40Stefan Schmitt commented ago

    Many thanks from germany,

    I'm a newbi in ope-scad.

    It works!!!!

    Mini jeff profile imageJeff Hertzberg closed this issue ago
    Mini jeff profile imageJeff Hertzberg commented ago

    You are redefining the module defaults without invoking the module. Instead, just add the following at line 80, above the module definition, but below the commented out examples:

    belting("loop", "HTD_5mm", belt_length = 250);

    If you know how, you can also just leave this library file as-is, include it from your own SCAD file, and use the invocation from there.

    6041bfbf383aca8b1f111d0c9834387e?default=blank&size=40Stefan Schmitt created this issue ago

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