Part Drawer (Customizable)

Customizable drawer for storing small parts

For your home

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Fastener kit from Menards - probably


This drawer was designed as a replacement for a drawer from a fastener kit from Menards which was stepped on and shattered. Turns out, this is a much better drawer than the original, and it's customizable to fit other similar drawer systems.

Available options include:

  • Overall dimensions (especially useful if replacing an existing drawer)
  • Style of vertical corners (rounded or angled)
  • Style of bottom corners (rounded or angled - controlled separately from vertical corners so you can use angled bottom corners and rounded vertical corners for easier printing without support)
  • Handle parameters (again, mostly for matching existing drawer systems)
  • How many compartment dividers, and how tall they should be (to maximize divider size while clearing a given drawer system's top drawer retention tab)
  • A few other parameters

In short, the goal of this is to try to make a generic drawer which can be used for multiple drawer systems, and my plan for the future is to make a stackable replacement for the drawer system itself to allow this to grow to hold more fasteners than the original drawer system was intended for.

These drawers are also stackable by themselves if you use angled corners on the bottom instead of rounded. Unintentional feature I didn't discover until after posting this.

Materials and methods

This drawer was printed using eSUN PLA+. I would highly recommend using it or something else with some flexibility, since with the thin walls, if you use a brittle plastic it will have a tendency to shatter like the original commercially-made part drawer that this was designed to replace.

This was designed to print without supports, provided your printer is capable of the bridging for the handle. The one in the picture was printed without support.

I would also recommend using a very small nozzle size (due to the thin side walls) and low layer height (due to the overhangs). In my case, I printed this with an 0.3mm nozzle and 0.127mm layer height (Imperial ACME lead screws on my smaller printer).



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