Issue Any chance the model can be adjusted for the Dremel's build area? #1

murtaugh opened this issue on March 23, 2020 19:24

I'm new to 3D printing, and have access to a Dremel 3D45. Th build area is 255x155x170mm (10x6x6.7in).

The model for the visor is just slightly too big. I scaled it down to fix, and the mylar shield does not stay on the pegs.


Mini 10268654 10203228803295890 5056406288362677185 nerikcederb commented ago

You could probably just cut off the pegs length to be a slight bit shorter to fit it in 155mm and still have it work reasonably well.
Easily done in meshmixer with two plane cuts.

571fbb8aa0346828934712e78d038012?default=blank&size=40TekMason commented ago

I have modified the North American v3 STL to create a split version that can be produced on printers with a smaller build plate.
It should be available soon at

If you need it now you can grab it from


B55578030dc1a5e7302d788d5bdd6d32?default=blank&size=40murtaugh commented ago

I tried modifying it myself, and it seems to be working, but the build time is a lot higher now, so I did something else than optimal, obviously :p

Anyway — the split version is great! Thank you! I will start working on it ASAP.

Just another small request, if you have time, I could use a split version of the Swedish visor, since I'm die-cutting the face shield and can take advantage of the stability of the additional pegs.

BUT, just this split version is great, I really appreciate it.

90490435862244300949fa484120b320?default=blank&size=40danielottosen commented ago

Murtaugh, for the Swedish version, you can try my version, which has slightly smaller width and should fit in the Dremel. I am printing those right now on my replicator and they seem to work fine.

572c813a8d803a8f888c88540f2832f2?default=blank&size=40michaeljones8992 commented ago

I am working on a model with joints (like glasses) that print in place. I have the basic design down but am working on the clearances at the moment. Total print time is about 2 hours with a .4mm nozzle. once i have a successful print i will upload to thingiverse and here. I will update you guys with links here

572c813a8d803a8f888c88540f2832f2?default=blank&size=40michaeljones8992 commented ago

The print can be rotated about 45 degrees and prints at about 135mm by 125mm both under 5 inches

572c813a8d803a8f888c88540f2832f2?default=blank&size=40michaeljones8992 commented ago

Here is my V1 of a hinged design. got the clearances figured out for my machine. Im printing with a .4mm and it takes just under 2 hours to print. let me know if it works out for you. Its 2:30AM here so im hitting the sack. Have a good night or probably day for many of you.

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