Issue Slightly increase clearance to accomodate people wearing glasses #2

free4ever opened this issue on March 25, 2020 22:30

Thanks for sharing. I'm able to print one every 50 mins with 0.4mm nozzle on an Ender 3. What do you think about extending the forehead area outwards slightly, so there is more clearance for people who wear glasses. The downside is that it will decrease coverage on the sides.

Also, can you clarify what size the holes are for the US letter template? 60mm or 80mm? Thanks.


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    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    Totally missed your answer, just now seeing it. The holes are closer to 8mm.

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    Yes, it would increase weight and print time, and reduce coverage. I like the fact that I can spit these out really quick, compared to other face shields models, and I happen to have all the necessary pieces (a few boxes of transparency letter size film and 3 hole punch).

    I mistyped the hole size in my first comment. I meant to say are the holes 6mm or 8mm in diameter for the letter template? In the US both are used. Thanks.

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    About the extension, i am looking into a second version, but are waiting on feedback from some people trying out what distance would be suitable. As you say, the protection on the sides decrease, but it also feels heavier the further out it sits, so it becomes less comfortable, so you do not want to extend it too much.

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    I made the US Letter Template file for Joel Telling that wanted to use the Swedish frame with Letter sized sheets and either punch holes manually or cut by laser.

    The North american frame is made to be used with a regular 3-hole punch, along with the spacer piece to make 6 holes.

    Please see:

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