Issue Laminating sheets? #6

Michael Hotker opened this issue on March 28, 2020 05:06

Just wondering whether clear laminating sheets would work for the shield? i can get 100 of those cheaper that i can 25 overhead sheets thats all


    Dec03e82796a3c6fb53677b5099de168?default=blank&size=40Michael Hotker created this issue ago
    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    I have seen both laminating pouches run through the heat based laminator empty and the stiffer sheet of the self sealing ones both work @jgntch

    27604b2277e418374501fcc86d27760d?default=blank&size=40jgntch commented ago

    When you say laminating sheets, do you mean the laminating pouches that you put into a heat based laminator or self sealing pouches??

    Dec03e82796a3c6fb53677b5099de168?default=blank&size=40Michael Hotker commented ago

    Thanks heaps :D

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    Yes, Laminating sheets works very well. What you have to pay extra attention to is putting the holes at the right places, since it is wider than the corresponding paper size.

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