Issue Slice problem creates a crack in the center of the shield holder #7

Vakil01 opened this issue on March 30, 2020 01:55

First this is a great design - I've got tons of requests. The problem is both the Cura Slicer and my usual PrusaSlicer do not close the bottom of the center part of the holder. I am using the US 6 hole and the STL is fine - shows a flat continuous surface. However both slicers do not fill it in completely and there is a crack in the center that follows the curve of the frame protector. I can send a photo and screen shot if you can tell me how to do it.

Looking down at the bed of the printer there is one outer perimeter line, 5 vertical perimeter lines, and then bottom layer infill. I have a layer height of 0.2mm (using a .4mm nozzle, The Horizontal shells are set to 4 solid layers for both top and bottom.

An infill density of 100% does not work because the slicer treats this as a bottom layer rather than infill.

Structurally it seems OK and it is also OK cosmetically - unless you hold it up to the light and then the crack is quite visible. This creack will make it harder to sanitize.


    53a7146ca007df82a43ca61a99318703?default=blank&size=40Vakil01 created this issue ago
    53a7146ca007df82a43ca61a99318703?default=blank&size=40Vakil01 commented ago

    I have made some improvements by using an older bersion of Prusa Slicer, specifically Slic3rPE V1.41.3. Essentially this uses a different pattern of slicing that does not leave the gaps. I should note that when I zoom into viewing the placement of individual filaments there are still tiny holes there a loop of filament meets and exterior perimeter. However I can not see these holes when I shine a light through the finished piece. Either they have been filled by melting or they are too tiny to see.

    I think this is the best that can be done and should be resolved by soaking in disinfectant.

    41072a4c5ee1f54759474b2ee2bbc8ce?default=blank&size=40seb trotel commented ago

    Same issue here with 0.8mm nozzle and layers 0.38mm, first layer 0.44mm, 200% width

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