Issue North America 6 Hole Punch Lasercut Visor #9

youngben_o opened this issue on March 31, 2020 03:22

The spacing of the holes for the North America 6 hole version was a bit off when I tried to make a template. I printed the physical spacer and it worked ok with a 3 hole punch, could someone please check this?


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    Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago
    7223cc860214b14561952fb061239ee5?default=blank&size=40Joseph Chagan commented ago

    I 3d printed a ton of them and made shields with the hole punch and spacer that worked great. A friend of mine who lives far from me has a laser cutter and cut 50 shield and just mailed them to me and they do not match the 3d print at all. The distance between 2 holes is correct but this distance between the sets is too short. I may have to make an adjusted print to make use of these but has anyone actually gotten this to work or am I crazy? I double checked all the files and we def used the right ones / versions.

    189192cf70f4bd1bf663496037976197?default=blank&size=40Tanda commented ago

    I also found the holes to be a little off from the suggested 1/2" to either side of where a standard hole would be on an 8-1/2" x 11" transparency. We decided to adjust the headband to match the 1/2" to either side of a typical hole. Our thought was people might be making replacement transparencies. Making the hole punching easy by offsetting 1/2" punching, then flipping the paper end for end and punching again, will be easier at the hospital or for people helping us out who are just punching the holes and rounding the corners with scissors.

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