Issue Pins on headband too large for 1/4" hole punched shields #10

pyarnall opened this issue on March 31, 2020 19:44

If there is an stl file for the North America version that has 6mm pins instead of the 8mm in V3, would love to know where to find it. Or a full CAD file that I can modify in SolidWorks.


    F6de31bc7a7313be1091ebb688a83d30?default=blank&size=40GreyBeard3D commented ago

    The pins work fine for me in the US. I don’t get it. He plastic has to stretch a little but this ensures a tight fit.

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    @Leon Shaner, i have tried versions with smaller or different spaced pins and sent them out to test to multiple persons in the US, but got the opposite feedback, saying that the pins are too small and the fit is too loose when they have the larger sized hole punches.

    Based on this feedback, just as many people would complain the other way around if i change the design, and on top of that, i would probably break the workflow of quite a number of groups already making these, when volunteer printers start sending in frames with too small holes for their shields.

    Punches actually doing 9/32" holes will work with this design with any decent plastic, it will just stretch a bit in the holes when putting it on, but actually supporting everything down to 1/4" would require another version, causing more confusion.

    B84e0bf51cfebc480bcecb6b43aec848?default=blank&size=40JacobWisdom commented ago

    I found that a cheap Staples 3-hole punch (Item 799809 / Model

    24539-CC/10574) made holes adequately large to assemble these masks.

    I also found that GBC Clear Presentation Covers (Item 854762 / Model

    GBC2000036) worked well for the shields.

    814fc299bfff9fa50065b2f7a02ae3b4?default=blank&size=40Leon Shaner commented ago

    We gave up on waiting for a version with the correct peg-size for US 3-hole punches.

    We are instead using the remixed "Manta" version that is "Prusa Compatible." Even the Manta "Prusa Compatible" is not perfect in that the pegs are slightly shorter than the actual Prusa, making it a bit finicky to fit the film. But the Manta still fits the US 3-Hole punched films way better than the original 3D Verkstan so-callled US version.

    Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

    @Quetzalita mine is. See link above

    Mini guateQuetzalita commented ago

    Is this file available for North American 6 hole punch at 1/4 inch hole size?

    Ca8b052190d3e4a3451774bdfbf8e7d8?default=blank&size=40Vlad Satchouk commented ago

    I have fixed the file for North American 3 Hole Punch and 1/2" spacer and recreated the solidworks file

    F6de31bc7a7313be1091ebb688a83d30?default=blank&size=40GreyBeard3D commented ago

    The plastic I use has no problems stretching to the size. I can probably modify the design if it's really needed.

    B84e0bf51cfebc480bcecb6b43aec848?default=blank&size=40JacobWisdom commented ago

    I also would like to see a version that is setup for the proper US hole size. I'm ready to start supporting some places here in Los Angeles but this adds significant complexity. The only 5/16" hole punch I found was a single hole unit on Amazon that wouldn't be available for delivery for weeks due to their limiting shipped goods to essentials.

    814fc299bfff9fa50065b2f7a02ae3b4?default=blank&size=40Leon Shaner commented ago

    This design being based on 5/16" means it doesn't fit the overwhelming majority of US 3-hole punches, which we loosely think of as 1/4" but in actuality are 9/32".

    Who knew? I went through about 20 of the 3-hole punches on and when they do state the hole size they they're .28" and 9/32" (.28125"). Those are the only sizes mentioned. .28" = 7.11mm, and .28125" = 7.14mm. Definitely not 1/4" and definitely not 5/16". I'm trying to get Erik to adjust the 3-hole model down to 7mm.

    In general having the hole slightly tight is a good thing for keeping the film sheeting securely in place, and the film "gives" a little, but a shield model based on 5/16" is beyond the limit. Conversely, if I punch the film sheeting based on 9/32" the holes are too large for the majority of 3D models I have tried. I have found that cutting the holes (Cricut, CNC or laser) at 1/4" (6.35mm) yields a perfect fit for the majority of 3D shield models I have tried (Prusa and others). However, 6.35mm is WAY too small for the Verkstan US 3-hole version in its present 5/16" based design.

    Hoping to see a 7mm based Verkstan US 3-hole version VERY soon. I am stalled with 100 face shield films already cut and not one viable Verkstan print that fits them. :-(((((

    F74891113b9e591313635bc9c87beb61?default=blank&size=40lavieboflip commented ago

    I am also having trouble with the holes fitting the pegs using a standard north american 3-hole punch. Pyarnall is correct. My 3-hole punch cuts holes that are 1/4" diameter. The majority of punches you on amazon are also 1/4". Please release another version with pegs sized for 1/4" holes not 5/16".

    This is the first link that shows up when i google "three hole punch hole size". It states that 1/4" is the most common hole size.

    As a work around for the units i have already printed, after i punch the holes, i make a horizontal slit with scissors in holes c, d, e and f to allow the hole to stretch. That being said, i have ripped and mangled many transparency sheets doing this.

    Please provide an update and thanks for all of your hard work!

    0f4798988af24b9ffab1876a5a43190f?default=blank&size=40pyarnall commented ago

    Erik... I understand your defense of intellectual property. I make my living also providing intellectual property. If you don't want to provide the source files, then modify the model yourself and post it. I am donating my time, equipment, and filament to make headbands and shields to give to those you desperately need them. My parts are essentially anonymous and I don't care. I am just trying to help out. You are ignoring the reality that the majority of hole punchers in the US are 1/4", NOT 5/16". I have two in my office. One punches holes at .249" and the other at .271". Neither will permit easy assembly of a .020" PET shield to assemble to the headband without a LOT of force and the result is distorted and slightly torn holes. I don't want to waste my time or resources to make something that is problematic when it could be easily fixed with a small feature change. I could reverse engineer your design and move on , but that is not the best use of my time. And it is YOUR design. It just needs to be tweaked!

    49c4e3d70d5a565c79982681424c8102?default=blank&size=40Tim Campbell commented ago

    I think if trying to size the holes to 5/16" ... few medical facilities will be able to find hole punches that work since 1/4" is much more common in North America.

    I think this really needs to be sized down to 1/4" to be useful.

    Can you please post the CAD so we can more easily modify it to local standards?

    Cb883e8775496c4537b5d3563126f11d?default=blank&size=40alex babnik commented ago

    have found 5/16" hole punch on amazon

    Cb883e8775496c4537b5d3563126f11d?default=blank&size=40alex babnik commented ago

    i just got back from office supply store tried out 14 different 3 hole hole hole punches all had 1/4 inch holes .cannot find one with the 5 /16" holes.which is weird because when you buy pre-punched paper it comes with the larger holes.

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago


    The hole punch standard for North america allows up to 5/16" holes, so they are made to fit the largest common punch sizes.

    Are you using a single hole punch or a 3-hole punch? The feedback i have heard is that a few people have trouble with single hole punches that often have smaller holes, but that the 3-hole ones commonly use the larger size?

    I am not providing full CAD files publicly, people already have tried to claim this design as their own, and a lot of people remix without attribution and does not respect the license in other ways, not gonna help those people out by providing them with source files. People with a good reason to get CAD files will get them if they email with the reason and promise not to spread it further.

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