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Runortyx opened this issue on April 01, 2020 06:26


is it possible to add a stacked version of the European 80mm template? Like the Swedish things with 10 and 20. This will be great


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    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    If you want to experiment with making Stacks, the software LuBan has a great stack creation feature, read more here:

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    I am reluctant to adding pre-stacked files for single extrusion without writing a full guide for it, since i have seen so many horrible results from people not taking their time to tune their printer or understand the problems with single extrusion stacking. Either it is a fused stack or surfaces so rough that they are not able to be wiped with alcohol to sanitize them. Some even have so much sharp filament threads sticking out that they might puncture gloves.

    If you are not using the exact layer height the stacked file was ment for, the spacing between the parts will vary and you will get very inconsistent results. Also, just small changes in printer settings is make-or-break, and PETG is much harder than PLA to stack for example.

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    As outlined by Erik Cederberg in the comments, you should avoid the "open cap" version.

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    (see the archive for European version)

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    8904c64190ed3c9ecbb2e303cf7dd880?default=blank&size=40Christophe C. commented ago

    same request. have stacked version for european that can be used with standard 4 holes puncher.

    B0b66bd01485bd1596aceb912ad4cb3b?default=blank&size=40dezi commented ago

    Yeah they would be great.

    if i print 2 at the same time it takes ~ 2 hours, but i'm away from my printers for 10hours or more.

    Would increase the number i can crunch out extremely :)

    606e01e06386665356c8077b1d7aea24?default=blank&size=40Vincent Ohmouk commented ago

    I'm looking for it too.

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