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Issue Disinfecting | Packing Suggestions #13

Quetzalita opened this issue on April 11, 2020 11:43

Great design that is impacting various communities around the world - thanks!

Appreciate help with these questions:

[1] What is your suggested disinfecting suggestion? I found this comment on another website (https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/prusa-face-shield-disinfection_125457), but wanted to ask for your design using PLA (USA 6 hole punch design)?

[2] How are folks packing their shields? Are they putting the shields on and putting it in a plastic bag individually, then boxing? Any photos would be helpful.

FYI Thank you for mentioning that this design was approved by the U.S. NIH, here is the NIH link I found (https://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-013306). I will include that in the box.


    Mini guateQuetzalita commented ago

    Thanks again for answering all my questions and for the work that you and your team are doing. Your design is amazing!

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago

    [1]: I don't want to be giving suggestions for disinfection since i am not a professional in that field. What i can say is that (AFAIK) PLA does withstand all the chemical disinfection methods specified in the PrusaPrinters article just fine. The health care institutions over here that are reusing it, i hear they are using 70% alcohol based surface disinfectant and dunking it for a few minutes, then letting it air dry.

    [2]: This also varies a lot depending on what country, what organization etc. Reach out to your intended recipient and ask them how they want it!

    What we have been doing in Sweden is delivering them flat-packed ( ikea-style ;-) ), 20pcs in a ziplock bag with instruction sheets etc. Over here the hospitals don't even want us to pre-punch the sheets, but rather ask us to only donate transparencies in unopened original packages if possible, so they can record exactly what these sheets are for their record keeping, and be sure that they are perfectly clean and not contaminated in any way. They also disinfect all the printed parts themselves before use, and say that it doesn't make any difference if we are disinfecting it before delivery, they will still do this.

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