Issue multi extruder stacks have no top or bottom layers - brows are hollow all the way down #17

jam3zs opened this issue on April 22, 2020 16:27

If you slice one of the stacks then drag the slider down you can see that apart from the top and bottom frame, all the others have no top or bottom layer (so you can see all the way through the "brows")


    E3c8f45774254fc859f99327fd07b71f?default=blank&size=40jam3zs commented ago

    PrusaSlicer-2.2.0 with 0.3 layer height. same happens on 0.2 layer height.

    Yes, the support stack and visor stack are imported together and merged. Support stack on extruder 1 (PVA) and main stack on extruder 2 (PETG)

    Mini erik stickerErik Cederberg commented ago


    This is not my experience, can you tell more about what slicer you are using, what layer height settings etc? Have you merged the support stack and the visor stack and put them to print with extruder 1/2?

    E3c8f45774254fc859f99327fd07b71f?default=blank&size=40jam3zs created this issue ago

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