Another character of the epic Star Wars series, R2-D2 drawn in 3D.


Another character of the epic Star Wars series, R2-D2 drawn in 3D. It (again) took quiet a while to get this far but I feel it's good enough to be printed now.It's optimized for the Ultimaker and split in 12 parts (V1) or 16 parts (V2, see comments below). Other than the AT-ST Walker this one is drawn from scratch resulting in an easier to adjust model.

In 100% it will be A3 paper size when assembled! Feel free to scale down though :-)

Good luck printing!

PS: This design is only available on Youmagine

28-8-2013: Dome V1 is split into 5 pieces to minimize parts with overhang (Dome V1 had quiet a few).
NEW PARTS ARE: Dome V2.stl, Lens dome V1 (3x).stl and Dome front lens V1.stl
Since Cura's multi-part printing is working just great there's no reason to not split it :-) Thanks Daid & Ultimaker!

3-9-2013: I printed all parts at 50% and found a few things were not printed as hoped. The middle foot part (V2) had multiple issues so I made a new version of it. Improvements on this part include: increased wall thickness, better inner structure, stronger detail effects.

You'll need

  • 2x Arm detail piece V1
  • 1x Body bottom V1
  • 1x Body V1 (rotate 45 degrees, see comment below)
  • 1x Left arm bottom V1
  • 1x Left arm main V1
  • 1x Left foot V1
  • 1x Middle Foot V1
  • 1x Right arm bottom V1
  • 1x Right arm main V1
  • 1x Right foot V1

Revision 1: Dome I noticed there are a few overhangs on the Dome V1 part. Overhangs are something I really tried to avoid to make printing easier. I decided to offer a new version of the dome. You have two options now:

Option 1) please take notice of the overhangs! - 1x Dome V1

Option 2) - 1x Dome V2 - 1x Dome front lens V1 - 3x Lens dome V1

You can also mirror the left and right parts if you like.

*) In order to make the "Body V1" part fit the platform at 100% you'll need to rotate it 45 degrees so that R2's 'shoulders' are positioned diagonally from the top view.

peterparnes8 months ago
Very cool!! Seems to be too big for an Ultimaker though. Warning to people starting to print this. The body fits at 98% on my Ulti.
Somerwil8 months ago
Hi Peter,

I don't understand why it doesn't fit to be honest. I designed it with Ultimaker specs in mind (210x210x205mm, XYZ). The height of the body is 201mm so that's pretty close to max but still within specs. The cylinder of the body is diameter 190mm. The 'shoulders' are a bit wider at 199mm but still within limits.
If the shoulders gives you problems, you can rotate the body 45 degrees so that the shoulder will cross the top view diagonally. The top view will then fit a square 190mm box.

Perhaps this helps, otherwise I can adjust the design a bit to make it fit easier. Scaling down is not difficult but with the amount of parts can be forgotten resulting in an unusable, 100% scale print. Please let me know which direction didn't fit your UM.

peterparnes8 months ago
Sorry. My fault. Of course rotating it makes it fit, just as you say! Thanks for a great model!!!
Somerwil8 months ago
Hi Peter,

it wasn't a stupid question at all! I'll add a comment to the description. Thanks for the feedback and good to hear the parts fit the Ultimaker at 100% :-)

Good luck printing! I didn't find some time to start printing but I hope to get it going tonight. Looking forward to see your results!

Please let me know if there's anything that can be improved in the design to make printing easier! Any feedback is welcome.

I have plans to make R2 mobile by adding Arduino. So if there's anyone out there to help me with it, please join! I can do the mechanical bits but electronics is another thing...
I noticed there's a section on Youmagine to start up things. I'll bring this idea there tonight.

Erik8 months ago
A Mobile R2D2 would be really awesome :)
I can imagine that it makes for an interesting collaborative project!

Oh, and rotation, infill, etc. are part of the anonymous statistics that Cura shares with YouMagine. This means that we can at some point (automatically) suggest to people to rotate the model or even do it automatically for them, since that's the preferred build orientation. (Note that the model isn't shared, just a fingerprint that is unique, so don't worry about Cura sending designs to us, it doesn't. If you haven't shared an actual model with us, so we can never use it to match its fingerprint or figure out what the model was.)

peterparnes8 months ago
Erik, didn't know it did that but that is very cool indeed!
3dcase7 months ago
I sure like to be the 9th Downloader, but I have to keep trying.... :)
Somerwil7 months ago
Do You have problems downloading? I also had some problems downloading the models at once. It didn't work at that point but downloading one-by-one worked fine.

There appear to be some problems with Youmagine with Internet Explorer so perhaps it's browser-related... Worth testing though

Erik7 months ago
Downloads will be more robust after we've made a few changes. These may happen after the 20th since they require some planning ahead. Other fixes will be made sooner, we've just hired a second developer to speed up the rate of development for YouMagine.
3dcase7 months ago
Thanks for the tip, mr. somerwill!
one-by-one worked fine.
I guess you've designed it in Creo elements or solid designer, or an other PTC program?
I've downloaded the .Pkg and .mi files as well, but my free version of Creo only loads .pk2
I will try to upload a picture when I've glued it together..


3dcase7 months ago
'Good busy' Erik :)
Mr. Somerwil, may the force be with you, to come up with c3po ;)
Erik7 months ago
Also, I've seen Jabba the Hutt look-a-likes on YouMagine already... ;)
Somerwil7 months ago
Hi Kees,
You can call me Michael ;-). R2 is drawn in CoCreate OneSpace Designer which is basically the predecessor of PTC's Creo Elements. PTC acquired CoCreate somewhere in 2009(?). It is a shame the free version does not import nor export PKG's! It's been a pain to me quite a few times...

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