Another character of the epic Star Wars series, R2-D2 drawn in 3D.


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Another character of the epic Star Wars series, R2-D2 drawn in 3D. It (again) took quiet a while to get this far but I feel it's good enough to be printed now.It's optimized for the Ultimaker and split in 12 parts (V1) or 16 parts (V2, see comments below). Other than the AT-ST Walker this one is drawn from scratch resulting in an easier to adjust model.

In 100% it will be A3 paper size when assembled! Feel free to scale down though :-)

Good luck printing!

PS: This design is only available on Youmagine

28-8-2013: Dome V1 is split into 5 pieces to minimize parts with overhang (Dome V1 had quiet a few).
NEW PARTS ARE: Dome V2.stl, Lens dome V1 (3x).stl and Dome front lens V1.stl
Since Cura's multi-part printing is working just great there's no reason to not split it :-) Thanks Daid & Ultimaker!

3-9-2013: I printed all parts at 50% and found a few things were not printed as hoped. The middle foot part (V2) had multiple issues so I made a new version of it. Improvements on this part include: increased wall thickness, better inner structure, stronger detail effects.

Bill of materials

You'll need

- 2x Arm detail piece V1
- 1x Body bottom V1
- 1x Body V1 (rotate 45 degrees, see comment below)
- 1x Left arm bottom V1
- 1x Left arm main V1
- 1x Left foot V1
- 1x Middle Foot V1
- 1x Right arm bottom V1
- 1x Right arm main V1
- 1x Right foot V1

Revision 1: Dome
I noticed there are a few overhangs on the Dome V1 part. Overhangs are something I really tried to avoid to make printing easier. I decided to offer a new version of the dome. You have two options now:

Option 1) please take notice of the overhangs!
- 1x Dome V1

Option 2)
- 1x Dome V2
- 1x Dome front lens V1
- 3x Lens dome V1

You can also mirror the left and right parts if you like.

*) In order to make the "Body V1" part fit the platform at 100% you'll need to rotate it 45 degrees so that R2's 'shoulders' are positioned diagonally from the top view.


  • Span1 export
    Arm Detail Piece 2x V1
    STL  β€“  580 kb  β€“  1:15 h  β€“  5 g  β€“  32×12×76 mm
  • Span1 export
    Body Bottom V1
    STL  β€“  1.6 mb  β€“  15:08 h  β€“  97 g  β€“  114×79×178 mm
  • Span1 export
    Body V1
    STL  β€“  9.2 mb  β€“  72:12 h  β€“  431 g  β€“  199×201×194 mm
  • Span1 dome front lens v1
    Dome Front Lens V1
    STL  β€“  190 kb  β€“  1:33 h  β€“  9 g  β€“  48×51×38 mm
  • Span1 export
    Dome V1 (WITHDRAWN)
    STL  β€“  11 mb  β€“  35:26 h  β€“  206 g  β€“  190×131×209 mm
  • Span1 export
    Dome V2
    STL  β€“  5.4 mb  β€“  33:56 h  β€“  196 g  β€“  190×127×190 mm
  • Span1 left arm bottom v1
    Left Arm Bottom V1
    STL  β€“  270 kb  β€“  4:24 h  β€“  30 g  β€“  40×87×56 mm
  • Span1 left arm main v1
    Left Arm Main V1
    STL  β€“  2.2 mb  β€“  14:44 h  β€“  99 g  β€“  187×38×83 mm
  • Span1 export
    Left Foot V1
    STL  β€“  1.6 mb  β€“  15:23 h  β€“  87 g  β€“  84×96×138 mm
  • Span1 export
    Lens Dome V1 3x
    STL  β€“  300 kb  β€“  0:28 h  β€“  3 g  β€“  24×17×24 mm
  • Span1 export
    Middle Foot V1 (WITHDRAWN)
    STL  β€“  720 kb  β€“  7:48 h  β€“  43 g  β€“  74×56×108 mm
  • Span1 middle foot v2
    Middle Foot V2
    STL  β€“  610 kb  β€“  7:59 h  β€“  45 g  β€“  74×56×108 mm
  • Placeholder
    R2 D2 All Parts
    PKG  β€“  4.7 mb
  • Placeholder
    R2 D2 All Parts V2
    PKG  β€“  5 mb
  • Placeholder
    R2 D2 Drawing V1
    MI  β€“  1.2 mb
  • Placeholder
    R2 D2 Drawing V1
    PDF  β€“  200 kb
  • Placeholder
    R2 D2 Drawing V1
    MI  β€“  1.2 mb
  • Span1 export
    Right Arm Bottom V1
    STL  β€“  270 kb  β€“  4:24 h  β€“  30 g  β€“  40×87×56 mm
  • Span1 export
    Right Arm Main V1
    STL  β€“  2.2 mb  β€“  14:45 h  β€“  99 g  β€“  187×38×83 mm
  • Span1 export
    Right Foot V1
    STL  β€“  1.6 mb  β€“  15:13 h  β€“  88 g  β€“  84×96×138 mm
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