RC Mini Twin Jet Boat - Test Print

RC Mini Twin Jet Boat - Test Print


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Download all other parts of the boat on Cults3d -

Boat full Size with Stator and Nozzle 230x80x50mm
Boat Size without Stator and Nozzle 200x80x50mm

You need a 3D printer with a print-high of >200mm.

For beginners, i recommend to start with RC Mini Single Jet Boat


  • 3D printed RC Twin JET Boat
  • 3D printed RC JET Boat with JET Drive - Testing
  • 3D printed RC JET Boat with JET Drive - Assembly


  • 6x screw headless M2x3mm (propeller)
  • 6x screw inbus M2x8mm (3x jet nozzle, 1x oil)
  • 12x screw inbus M2x6mm (4x cover, 4x electronic, 4x motor)
  • 8x insert M2x3mm heating brass insert, 4x cover, 2x electronic mount
  • 1x seal Moosgummi Foam rubber cord 2x200mm
  • 2x battery 18650 3400mah 3.7V or 18350 1500mah 3.7V
  • 1x balancing cable 500 mm RC Servo cable
  • 2x drive Littlebee 20A ESC
  • 1x drive Recom R-785.0-0.5
  • 2x drive motor DYS BE1806 2300KV or 4 pcs Motor other motors also possible, diameter max. 23mm, length ca. 18mm, screws 16mm
  • 2x drive longer motor shaft 2x30mm
  • 2x drive rod 2x100mm
  • 2x drive shaft coupling, motor 2mm to rod 2mm
  • 4x drive Brass bearing 52B 2.05x5x2.4mm, OD 5mm or MR25ZZ (4.50€)
  • 1x drive jet bearing, brass tube OD 3mm, ID 2mm (drive rod Length 3mm)
  • 1x Battery Lipo Charger iMAX B6 charger (optional)

My RC Controller

  • 1x Transmitter FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 2.4G
  • 1x Receiver Mini Frsky D8 2.4G 4CH


  • 20200430 upload

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Materials and methods

slicer: cura (please take cura, Don't take slic3r!)
Nozzle: 0.4mm
support: only for cover
Optimize Wall Printing Order: Yes
Fill Gabs Between Walls: No
Use adaptive layers: Yes
Layer: 0.10 to 0.20mm with adaptiv layer
material: PLA
Infill Travel Optimization: Yes
Print Thin Walls: Yes (important for stator.stl)

Not to fast! Print the parts with about 30mm/s, to get a good layer connection. (It depends on the quality of your printer)
not to hot, because of dropping nozzle PLA 205*C
infill: maximal15%
walls before innfill: YES
Ouline walls before inlines: YES



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