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Recorder (Music instrument)

Fully playable 3D printable woodwinds instrument.


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The recorder is one of the oldest woodwind instruments. In the hands of an experienced player it creates a sound synonymous with Renaissance music. Often used in elementary music classes because of it's ease of operation. With 3D printing everyone can have one of their own to make beautiful music on... or wailing screeches if they never got past "hot crossed buns".

This instrument was created with the help of the 3D printing community who helped me iterate designs until this version became a reality.



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What is the purpose of the slight asymetrical grooves on can see on the parts ? I thought I had to tweak my settings to get rid of it but it is in the .stl file.

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Printed on:
prusa i3 mk3
Beautiful and easy to print! - Works very well... maybe to well considering I printed it for my 6 yr old and now it's summer vacation. Great Job!!!
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