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How to set music from Apple Music as an alarm

If you find the default iOS Radar alarm sound boring, try using your favorite songs in your Music library instead. The article will show you how to do it.

Get music in Apple Music

You can change the alarm tone to any song you've downloaded or synced to your iPhone (using iTunes or the iTunes Store). If you have a paid subscription to Apple Music , you can choose any song from Apple's vast music store with more than 60 million songs as alarm tones.

Downloading music is also very simple, open the Music application on the device, scroll to the Search tab (search), enter the name of the song you are looking for and remember to select the Apple Music button below the keyword input box.

After finding the song, click the plus icon "+" next to the song name to add the song to your device's music library, or you can click the cloud icon to download it.

How to set ringtone

Click the Clock app > select the Alarm tab. Next, click the Edit button and click on the alarm time you set earlier.

In the detailed view of the alarm, select the Sound line. Continue to select the line Pick A Song.

Next, enter the name of the song you want to set as a ringtone in the search box at the top of the interface, when the song is displayed, press the "+" sign to select it as an alarm. Done, click Back > Save to save the settings.

For songs that are synced from iTunes or downloaded for offline listening, you do the same as above (go to the Alarm app > select the Alarm tab > Edit > select an alarm timescale > Sound > Pick A Song ).

Select the line Downloaded Music, and find the song you want, click the plus sign "+" to choose as dzwonki na telefon.


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