Reindeer lasso accessory

This 3d print will help make a lasso accessory for traditional reindeer husbandry.



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Isolated communities face a variety of inconveniences including severe remoteness, poor roads and extreme climate conditions, resulting in the lack of security of supply chains and exorbitant prices for cargo delivery. This lasso accessory was used as a case study for such a community in the Arctic that practices reindeer husbandry.

To learn more about it see: Svetlana Obydenkova, Nicholas C. Anzalone, Joshua M. Pearce, (2018) "Prospects of applying 3-D printing to economics of remote communities: Reindeer herder case", Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, doi:10.1108/JEC-08-2016-0029 open access



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