Issue Slices with holes #1

Marcus Wolschon opened this issue on April 06, 2020 16:09

Cura screenshot:

At first I thought I had printing issues due to the thin walls but
aparently there are 2 areas in "Mask_size_contour-large.stl" that slice as holes.
My line_width is 1.0mm (identical to my nozzle size).

In two places the wall is thinner then 50% of my nozzle size.
Even with the option "[X] print thin walls" in Cura there are still holes.
I had to read up a ton of cryptic shortcuts for Blender to scale parts of the model alone it's surface normals to get
walls that make sense to a slicer for nozzles >0.4mm.


    730a061596c420c8915d9f20bd5d89e1?default=blank&size=40Marcus Wolschon commented ago

    I noticed.

    I'm currently trying to change the design to change that but with only the STL it's difficult.

    Looks like Blender's "scale along normal" would be perfece, if I could restrict it to not scale the Z axis like the normal scale tool.

    (I'm a parametric CAD guy. Meshes are more of an immutable output format in my normal workflow.)

    Mini x6nezqxo 100x100MalaMaker commented ago

    I am not able to reproduce the issue with a 0.4 and a 0.5mm nozzle using native cura and simplify3d. I have polled other too using the their slicers (Simplify3d, cura and lulzbot cura), none of them are having issues. We have run this through about two dozen other people test printing this model before releasing this on thingiverse and youmagine.


    Please use the recommended setting on the project page ( ). This model is not designed for a nozzle larger than 0.5mm.

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