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    Roman surface (

    Happy hacking!

    Materials and methods

    Rafts must be used to get the right curvature on the bottom part of the surface. Infill dos not matter, it is a surface just increase shell thickness (>= 1.2mm). Supports: Touching buildplate only suffices.

    I've used a simple GNU/Octave script to generate the initial STL and OpenSCAD to rotate it to a good position for printing.

    Then added some thickness using Meshlab - (inflating the original STL file) using the filter Uniform Mesh Resampling and setting on the 'absolute distance' option and specifying a reasonable offset (1% ~ 2%) and a reasonable precision (0.2% ~ 0.5%).

    I encourage you to give a go on Meshlab to see how it goes.

    The best surface to print is actually printed was 10-roman-2.stl. The version 3 will also print nicely.



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