Rosalind The 3D Printer

A CoreXY parametric 3D printer built from scratch.

3D printer parts and enhancements


A free software license that requires that all work based on this must also be free software as in freely remixable and sharable by anyone under the same license but may be used commercially.

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Rosalind is a 3D printer fully designed in OpenSCAD. Our initial was to build a CoreXY 3D printer, highly customizable, under a free software license. Right now we are in the process of writing an extensive documentation. Our vision is for everyone to be able to create their own Rosalind. For the OpenSCAD files visit gitlab and download them. For the tutorials, watch us on YouTube ( and/or on PeerTube ( .

Materials and methods

The documentation is still a work in progress. You can find full instructions [here]( If you want to create your own Rosalind and you don't have access to a 3D printer for the printable parts, email us and we will send them for free to the first one who asks.



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