Issue Tyro119 base #1

ctgreybeard opened this issue on November 27, 2020 18:37

Just saw that an issue is more appropriate for my request ...

I'd like to make a mount for a Tyro119. The frame is a bit long and I'm considering using PETG rather than TPU for the base. But my question is: Would you share the design files (STEP, etc.) for the base so I can make one for this drone? I will be happy to hare back anything I come up with. I use Fusion360 so pretty much any format is good.


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    Hi! Thanks for the really quick reply.

    Yes, I can import the STL but it is hard to work with. Can you export it as a STEP or other modeling type file? I also have Freecad so I can handle that too. I really would appreciate it.

    Mini evilphish animevilphish commented ago

    Hey I do not use Fusion360 but rather FreeCad. You should be able to import the STL and the base is really simple to modify.

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