Issue The Critical Role That Failure Plays In Self-Advancement #18

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“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” - Napoleon Hill

No one desires to lose; neither does anyone aims to fail. However, the gamble of life is such that nothing comes easy, not even failures. For they are a hard blow in the face that often end up destroying the little faith one had in themselves and their visions. However, the answer to failures is what determines the fate of one’s dreams. People that give-up after hurdles and lose faith are often the ones who did not have sufficient faith in themselves in the first place.

Similarly, people that give-up too easily lack the determination and spirit needed to achieve anything in life – as nothing comes easy. Everything that a person achieves, mostly, is the result of their very own hardship and struggle at obtaining it. Thus, the shining stars in any society are usually the ones that fought through every obstacle, tirelessly, and grabbed everything they desired from the grasp of their unfortunate fates.

Thus, the power of persistence, self-belief and outlook should not be undermined in front of the technicalities evoked by skill and learned behaviour – as there’s always room for improvement and one can never learn enough. Faith in oneself, however, suffices when in need of the extra oomph required to achieve something. Hence, even in the face of adversity, there is a lot to learn and gain from if one believes that they can overcome it.

• Draws Out Your Weaknesses
Although most people perceive failures as the end-point; It is not always so! Wiser and more intelligent minds, tend to take setbacks as constructive learning rather than a critical one. Hence, instead of evaluating the fate of their end-product, they end up evaluating the actions that influenced these shortcomings, in the first place.

Thus, the mindset of such people remains progressive throughout the venture and helps them grow endlessly. Secondly, people that learn from failures often refer to multiple resources to combat the issues that they faced in the first place. For instance, a candidate that fails their initial dissertation proposal will either struggle to correct it themselves and fail yet again or be wise and consult dissertation writing services to obtain better results. These varying mindsets are what influence the victory or failure of one.

• Refocuses You
Not only do failures draw out our weaknesses, but they give a wake-up call, as well. For instance, if you got side-tracked or lost the enthusiasm for the work, a setback or two does more benefit than harm – as it makes you realize that need for you to stay focused. Hence, if you return to your work after facing failure, you are more determined and enthusiastic than you were before. This not only fuels up your performance but it allows new ideas and ways to be generated, as well; A fresh mind is a productive mind!

• Let’s you evolve
Failure is often a reflection of our wrongdoings. Hence, adversity outlines all the things that need to be done to obtain more reliable results. It may also influence you to re-brand your product or change your selling tactics of it. In educational fields, however, it allows one to enhance their revision methods or writing techniques, whatever it is that is required of them. Whereas, on emotional grounds it often allows one to self-reflect, and hence, better themselves on personal and moral grounds. Thereby allowing them to have a rather safer and sounder form of life in the future.


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