Shop-Vac BucketMax 1.25" Hose Ends

Replacement 1.25" hose ends for the Shop-Vac BucketMax

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Replacement hose ends for the Shop-Vac BucketMax vacuum head available from Lowes.

Mine came with an odd size vacuum hose and end (maybe 1 1/2" nominal?) and an adapter to fit 1 1/4" accessories. The adapter is 5" long and the hose end is fairly long to start with. When combined this results in what is effectively a 7" hose end. This is probably fine for most applications, but can be problematic in confined spaces.

This includes two designs, both with a 1 1/4" diameter x 1 1/2" long end to fit 1 1/4" ports and accessories.

The straight adapter is for typical use. The elbow adapter was made to be used in conjunction with my Electrical Outlet - Vacuum Port Wall Plate, but may work for other applications as well.

I have included .stl files for both adapters, as well as the .skp files at 10x scale.

Materials and methods

Sliced with MatterControl
Printed on Robo3d R1+ Using:
Hatchbox 1.75mm PLA
Medium Quality
Standard Layer Height (0.2mm)

After printing I sanded the part that connects to other vacuum accessories / ports with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth out the print lines, but it seemed to fit just fine without sanding.



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