sine wave vase generator

Show off some complex mathematical beauty with this custom multiple sine wave vase generator.

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I borrowed some code from mathgrrl


This openscad code and models solves the Challenge: "Eureka!" Design an object that expresses the beauty of math.
With the following parameters:
"Public"(used the Reverse! card) and "Complex"

Sine waves combine to form beautiful super positions all over these vases. You enter values for the period of each of 5 layers and interesting super positions form between the layers. Enter numbers that have meaning to you and display this vase as a conversation piece.

I made one using my name "Mark" (plus a base layer) by assigning a number to each letter based on the idea used for ASCII digital values of the characters. The vase looks amazing.

You could also use a significant date, since small vases look better with layer periods under 100 you can split the year up, and add 10 as a base layer to keep the bottom smoother. For example today;s date 11-14-17 , with a base layer of 10 would be p5=11,p4=14,p3=20,p2=17,p1=10,

Try all prime numbers ! Try all even numbers! it's really fun.

There are are lot of parameters in the code to make fascinating vases that look like crystals, for example:
$fn = 6;
thickness = 4;
amplitude = 2;
step = 12;

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Great. I would maybe print it from clay. Some vases seemed to have more than 5 layers. And some wases have more than one sine per layer. Am i right?

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