Skylake delid tool

A simple delid tool that i made for chopping Intel 115x CPU.


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!!!!!You may Try out the Kaby-LAKE Delid tool as Skylake CPUs should also work with it !!!!!

A simple tool to remove the Heatspreader of your Skylake CPU.

tested with 6600K, 6700K, 4790K , G3258 (Skylake / Devils Canyon / Haswell )

May also work some other Haswell/Broadwell/Devils Canyon 115x CPUs (Heatspreader with sharp corners, only partially tested)

* print both parts,
* put some sort of rubber or foam on the inner bottom of the base.
* put the CPU into the CPU-holder with the long PCB part looking over the end of the tray.
* then put it in your vice and close it carefully.

For enough strengh print at least with 3 perimeters and 30% infill !


* Only for CPUs who are glued and with thermal-paste, not for soldered CPUs

EDIT: Does not Work with Ivybridge (* If someone is able to try out Ivybridge (round Heatspreader corners) it would be cool to give a feedback if it works, as i dont have such a CPU for test. )


Materials and methods

Some sort of thin foam/rubber
A vice. - do NOT use a screw clamp !
a 3D printer that can print very exact, the dimensions are very tight to ensure that the cpu won`t jump out while pressing.

´For optimal results print with 0,1mm layerheight or less and use PLA with high infill.



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7c1b75f7a3ffef5debae5208b3b53997?default=blank&size=40David Gracia commented ago

It worked great on i5 4670. Reduced -10C average.


9e51bcc28aec7e13bad55fbeec5f84d7?default=blank&size=40Iena commented ago

(I7 7700k KL)

9e51bcc28aec7e13bad55fbeec5f84d7?default=blank&size=40Iena commented ago

Bro, can this work with kaby too?its fits perfectly....I saw the kaby lake after printed this one...😂

9cc5715d7e67fad94fb013979e697719?default=blank&size=40Fabio Galeotti commented ago

can you create one !? since I do not have the measures I can not do it



Mini bwChri commented ago

@ Fabio, sorry, Skylake-X has Socket 2066, so it does not fit, Socket 1155 is smaller.

9cc5715d7e67fad94fb013979e697719?default=blank&size=40Fabio Galeotti commented ago

It works with Skylake-x processor is 7820X !?

6abc6fa6926981bf2083dac9c5150501?default=blank&size=40G Busch printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 20171208 192445 hht
Printed on:
Wanhao duplicator 6
worked like a charm
Df7c9c4c46fb916a13d89c97d116bec9?default=blank&size=40Erwan Klein commented ago

Sorry for my english Im French !

Ok thx, I printed (4h print, 80% infil cubic subdivision, layer 0.1mm and approximately 60mm per second) that this morning and i test this afternoon. Il keep you informed !

9407b6cfd1da2f009801d52cc4d8029f?default=blank&size=40siffonem commented ago

Should work

Df7c9c4c46fb916a13d89c97d116bec9?default=blank&size=40Erwan Klein commented ago

Yes, but it we do 105% on X scale and 101% in Y, Z scale for operating clearance.

9407b6cfd1da2f009801d52cc4d8029f?default=blank&size=40siffonem commented ago

It will go with only side so little sanding should do the trick, now its just too tight so wont dare to press it hard

Df7c9c4c46fb916a13d89c97d116bec9?default=blank&size=40Erwan Klein commented ago

But, if it's very tight fit, we can enlarge model with a dilation ?

9407b6cfd1da2f009801d52cc4d8029f?default=blank&size=40siffonem commented ago

Actually it should work, its just a tight fit and i dont want to ruin my cpu.

8700K has two set of "ears" that one set is meant to go to those two cuts in this tool. I was trying to get the ones that are higher on ihs but then ihs is too wide to go flush, flipped ot 90 degrees and it can go flush but its a very tight fit

8cac2a51c5c7ce24532047bfbc16d2dc?default=blank&size=40MATU-OPM commented ago

The shape of the heatspreaders ist slightly different.

Df7c9c4c46fb916a13d89c97d116bec9?default=blank&size=40Erwan Klein commented ago

Why does not work with 8700K ? It's the same PCB no ?

Ba861694159846f57bdba8b5d8e0e8d7?default=blank&size=40Fabian Hug commented ago


Does NOTwork With i7 8700k.

9407b6cfd1da2f009801d52cc4d8029f?default=blank&size=40siffonem commented ago

Anyone successfully used with coffee lake cpu?

Test fitted my i7-8700K and it didnt go flush (too wide ihs). But those two cutoffs didnt grab ihs, feels like it might hold still enough but didnt test it.

Mini bwChri commented ago

@ Nima R , yes as i also did a delid on a 4790k which is also a haswell.

but you probably want to print the Kabylake tool , this is also compatible with haswell, and maybe with your future cpu ;)

C606d0b654bac77ec922eeecc1cec65c?default=blank&size=40Nima R commented ago

Would this work for the i7 4770k?

Mini bwChri commented ago

@ MATU-OPM , i already made a Ivy Bridge Variant ;)

8cac2a51c5c7ce24532047bfbc16d2dc?default=blank&size=40MATU-OPM commented ago


no it doesn't the ivy bridge heatspreader is different. doesn't fit.

shouldnt be hard to adjust the raw STL file for someone who knows how to do that.

hopefully someone will do that.

9a6944a019ba06e609ec7a17a5e531c0?default=blank&size=40Delic83 commented ago

Does it work with Ivy 3770K? Round corners

2de2fb59a1d0e92bc0dd38a6cb743dab?default=blank&size=40Wayne Leung added this to the To make collection ago
D567ee8a6e6b968e01575086d072ccf3?default=blank&size=40KORD AGHLRU commented ago
5e19556435e9261b62407f33a8009fed?default=blank&size=40bestriper added this to the Varios collection ago
0141f68641da33f044decef69b720ce4?default=blank&size=40voidfahrenheit added this to the Computer collection ago
Mini bwChri commented ago

Hehe, as long as its good quality, for what i`ve seen that italy seller is printing bad quality, so not recommended from my side.

B0e172b97b408678ad8655ec31fe529c?default=blank&size=40Danvir Aserit commented ago

Hey Chri thanks for the really big help. an additional $8 will be added to the cost of 30% infill and with 3 perimeters. so that will be around $21. il post pictures the soonest it arrives. again thanks alot. its a big help. now i dont have to order it in ITALY. hahaha.

Mini bwChri commented ago

Everyone defines "standard quality" different, you have to look at their other parts how the quality is.

30% should do the job for most good printers, just tell them the minimum spec`s they should make it

B0e172b97b408678ad8655ec31fe529c?default=blank&size=40Danvir Aserit commented ago

Hey thanks for the reply. I recently inquired with a 3D shop printing here in the Philippines and its gonna cost me around 600 pesos( around $12-15 dollars without shipping) for both the base and halter in "standard quality" using PLA. what does it mean? and by the way is the 30% infill you mentioned the most suitable for this project? And should I just tell them to print "with 3 perimeters"?Im also assuming that they are able to have a 30% infill.

Mini bwChri commented ago

Hy Danvir, the design has a tight fit, depending on the printers tolerance it may be necessary to grind some corners, i don`t know how exact those printers are, so its a try&error thing.

Perimeters are the outlines of the part, 3 is better than two, and you have to ask them how much infill they are printing.

i recently saw guy`s trying to delid the cpu with a clamp instead of a vice and with this destroying the tool, this is absolutley NOT recommended !

only use a vice.

B0e172b97b408678ad8655ec31fe529c?default=blank&size=40Danvir Aserit commented ago

Hi! is there any adjustments to be made on the chopper base or halter? or are the measurements on the downloadable files the best ones to consider?" For enough strenght print at least with 3 perimeters and 30% infill " do they have default perimeters and infill? or arethe files valued at 30% infill? and i would like to know what "parameter" means here. Im really sorry, im a noob. i am planning to 3d print this thru a shop. i just dont wanna cause damage to processors and waste money reprinting this tool so i want to know. thanks.

8cac2a51c5c7ce24532047bfbc16d2dc?default=blank&size=40MATU-OPM commented ago


I saw that other tool too. it seems to not rely on the heatspreader notches. It might work with Ivy. I already contacted the guy who made it but I had no reply so far.

036ef6ac97b1d5bbac88a33ab9db00e5?default=blank&size=40CrazyElf commented ago

I think that we will need another design with Ivy.

Is there a consensus on the best type of vise for this? I recommend a long arm vise.

Also for those interested, this may be another delid tool:

8cac2a51c5c7ce24532047bfbc16d2dc?default=blank&size=40MATU-OPM commented ago

Works great with Skylake i5-6600k. Won't work with IvyBridge i7-3770k.

Tested with both CPUs. Unfortunately the IvyBridge heatspreader isn't exactly the same as the Skylake Heatspreader although they look similar.

6d1bf270376862801cfd8d61f9f18346?default=blank&size=40Blunt commented ago

No problem Chri. Just delidded a G3258 earlier this evening with the tool. Worked perfectly awesome job :)

I made a quick video:

Page 126 of this PDF should hopefully help, I can't find any more detailed measurements for Ivy.

Mini bwChri commented ago

Thanks for the Info Blunt, then i really need to find someone who will lend me a Ivy-Bridge to measure it out.

6d1bf270376862801cfd8d61f9f18346?default=blank&size=40Blunt commented ago

Thank you for the work you put into this. Printed one last night on a Cubex Trio same neon orange PLA as shown in the video.

Unfortunately it doesn't support Ivy Bridge. I have just tested a 3570S and it appears the sides of the IHS (the metal tabs) are longer than those on Haswell.

2f50e1d12d285748d21196b46041316a?default=blank&size=40arteliquido added this to the Cool Stuff collection ago
036ef6ac97b1d5bbac88a33ab9db00e5?default=blank&size=40CrazyElf commented ago

Just a heads up. Colorfabb XT does not seem to work well. Stick with ABS or PLA. The Colorfabb tends to crack and deform rather than apply the pressure from the vise onto splitting the PCB from the core. I can provide images later on if anyone is interested.

Also, just so that everyone knows, when trying to extract a stuck CPU, be careful not the scratch the core with a screwdriver when using something through the hole.

Finally, when delidding, get a vise with a longer arm so that you can apply sufficient pressure. Lucky for me, I did not kill my CPU.

Mini bwChri commented ago

@CrazyElf, i only print with ABS and PLA so you have to try out by your self.

i printed mit at 200 micron layerhight, so anything smaller should also be fine, you just have to ensure that your x/y dimensions are set up good and the part will not end up beeing too small.

036ef6ac97b1d5bbac88a33ab9db00e5?default=blank&size=40CrazyElf commented ago

Would Colorfabb XT with 50 microns work?

Mini bwChri commented ago

@ Juan, 1155 CPUs should also work fine, as they share the same package size, the only thing on them is that there are cpus with the "sharp" top corner edges and some withe the "round" top corner edges, and i have no such round-corner cpu to do a test, so maybe it will work, maybe not.

regading to the design guides from intel the, outer dimensions are the same.

1e42bb399130b0e0c055b47eedef5ae1?default=blank&size=40Juan Shuan printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 3902
Printed on:
Cubify - CubeX 3D printer
almost perfect :D
pleeeasseeeee make some stls for other cpus. Like 1155 :P
07100da13ad273e4fdf5b573f68ab31d?default=blank&size=40Sascha Pichl added this to the Computer collection ago
7132a5b72a1be56000406b297b99106c?default=blank&size=40Dizzee Jones added this to the Computer collection ago
Mini bwChri published this design ago