Spool Holder - Fits Any Spool

Really cool spool holder I designed

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Here's a video explaining how this spool holder works...

entirely in one print, if you want
Extremely Stable with perfect dimensions
Connects and assembles brilliantly
Rigorously designed to be as durable as possible
Engineered with the utmost mathematical rigor
Completely portable - works and supports wonderfully, without any issue, while PLA is printing from the spool... Easiest PLA color swaps to the extruder imaginable.
*With various sized rods in the thing files, you can make this fit almost any spool... I've gotten it to fit on over 7 brands including Makerbot, Hatchbox, Gizmodorks, Ninjaflex, 3dxtech, prototype supply, etc... Pretty much every one...

It's good to go... Every part prints in one print, it just takes a little alignment on the platform and a very leveled plate... This doesn't need more than 10% infill and can be printed well in 0.3mm...

I have various sized rods that are labeled in the thing files... What you should do is measure your spool and see what sized rods you need to print to make it fit...

Just choose 1 base arm, 1 spinner arm, and 3 equal length rods... Remember some spools have a small hole in the middle, and some have a big hole... If yours has a big hole, print a fat rod and two skinny rods, if yours has a small hole, print three skinny rods... I also have modified arms to fit the skinnier rods... be sure to check to make sure you downloaded the right files. When looking at the files, you'll see names like BottomRod_27in ... Here, and for all files that have a number and a number followed by "in"... like, 00in.... Put a "." in between... So BottomRod_27in is the bottom rod that is 2.7" long...

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Note: Printing with brim makes it hard to make the spinner side spin.
Cool design! From a rough glance (counting squares in Cura), I thought it'd fit the tiny hole in the Biofila spools, but it's something like 3 mm too wide. Any chance of a smaller set of rods? I'd scale it down, but then I couldn't interchange parts if I switch to a larger spool.
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does it need to be printed with support or will it do good without?



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