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Spool holder (tabletop)

Spool holder (tabletop)

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Spool hub credit goes to AndrewBCN, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:586673


To experiment with higher speeds on my printer I wanted to remove the spool mounted on top. If you have large spools (1kg of filament) mounted on top of the printer vibrations will amplify.

I made this simple spool holder to be used with the filament guide. The setup is simple and works very, very well. I've been able to speed up with a couple of hundred percent without noticable loss in quality, and the printer stands perfectly still. This also helps with noise.

The spool is mounted on a slant, this makes for a tangle free feed to the printer (automatic retraction :). This does not present enough friction to make any difference what so ever.

The spool hubs is not my design, it's by AndrewBCN, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:586673. I've printed and used them before and they work well.

The nut knob has a captured M8 nut.

I've run this setup for many hours and have not encountered any problems at all.

Dimensions of aluminium plate:

Width: 95 mm
Length over all: 210 mm
Bend at: 120 mm (a little past 90 degr gives a good angle
M8 rod: 130 mm (takes my largest spool)

Drill the hole, in center, as close to bend as possible.

For the filament guide I used a bike spoke (2 mm stainless wire). Heat it and bend it around a 10 mm drill bit.

Materials and methods

freecad > slic3r 0,2 10% > prusa i3 mk2

Non-printed part described above.



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