Square tubing finishing plug

keep out the elements



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The initial design for this part comes from a 2" Black LDPE FP-321 Square Tubing Finishing Plug manufactured by Caplugs. I could have just bought one from Fastenal for $0.39 USD (https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/11130986), but wanted to improve my modeling skills so I 3D printed it. Design is multi-use and fully parametric.

Newer versions of this model (and source code) may be available here: https://github.com/nickthetait/3D-printable-models/

Materials and methods

- Layer height: <= 0.2mm
- Material:
- Mostly rigid with just a little bit of flex
- Completely watertight such as Bridge Nylon from Taulman https://taulman3d.com/bridge-nylon.html
- Dyed black using some Rit All-Purpose Powder Dye https://www.ritdye.com/color-library/core-colors/
- Adhesion: due to the parts small size any lifting can be countered by enabling brim



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