Star Wars Lightsaber (Normal version)

Inspired by the Star Wars Lightsaber. This is a full scale Lightsaber in honor of Star Wars day! (And any other day for a bit of fun)


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This is the normal version, there's also a complex version made out of more than 14 pieces! Find it here:

This is the normal version which is made out of only a few pieces. Jacky, aka Valcrow, created this model for Ultimaker and wrote a guest blog about it. It's interesting to read because it shows the differences between the simple and complex version, tips & tricks on how to print it and also how to assemble it. Read it here:

Update! New blog written by Jacky about painting 3D prints, including a sweet video tutorial:

Model is hand painted by Valcrow from


  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 471520160401 7317 2jv62
    Lightsaber Blade Base
    STL  β€“  820 kb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  3:29 h  β€“  12 g  β€“  37×37×186 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 471620160404 14590 an553q
    Lightsaber Blade Midsection
    STL  β€“  740 kb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  3:10 h  β€“  11 g  β€“  32×32×168 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 471720160401 7445 30ezdu
    Lightsaber Bladetip
    STL  β€“  860 kb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  3:26 h  β€“  11 g  β€“  32×32×185 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 472020160401 7654 1ref7f2
    Lightsaber Emitter
    STL  β€“  1.3 mb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  2:11 h  β€“  13 g  β€“  54×54×32 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 472320160401 7847 sp10ov
    Lightsaber Grip
    STL  β€“  4.8 mb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  5:58 h  β€“  34 g  β€“  41×41×137 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 471820160404 14450 1qwqw1e
    Lightsaber Pin
    STL  β€“  150 kb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  0:16 h  β€“  1 g  β€“  11×12×18 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 472220160401 7740 a4pbip
    Lightsaber Pommel
    STL  β€“  3.1 mb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  8:57 h  β€“  50 g  β€“  59×51×130 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 471920160401 7554 1fdhmjg
    Lightsaber Turbine
    STL  β€“  1.3 mb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  0:54 h  β€“  5 g  β€“  42×42×11 mm
  • Span1 jamrendering 1383 472420160401 7940 1p8dsa0
    STL  β€“  13 kb
    Updated on 04-02-2015  β€“  1:20 h  β€“  8 g  β€“  121×47×24 mm
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lulzbot mini
Thank you for releasing this.
Came out great!
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How did he get the blade attached did he glue it or something.

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@infiniTTTy Nice compilation! and awesome R2 for being a good sport.

Mini keenRick commented ago

Here's a link an album my progress of the printing / painting / weathering. I hope you all enjoy it!

Mini keenRick printed this ago
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Ultimaker - Ultimaker Original
Great fit, great model. Been 3D printing for years - this is one of my favourite designs!
0eb0c1dd6651a57d3038cba0d7a213b9?default=blank&size=40Tiago Santos commented ago

Is it possible to print at 0.2? I wasn't able to make things fit at that resolution

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Prusa i3
Printed well and all went together nicely, If doing again would have done more perimeters as the connector at top snapped which is my own fault.
E24bb734e53c2d635f506fdf67b2364b?default=blank&size=40pierce commented ago

Good point, I was only doing 2 perimeters with a .4 nozzle, for next part ill bump this back up to 3 or more

29de1859563f39afab60d44efb095a77?default=blank&size=40Valcrow commented ago

You could increase number of perimeters (shell thickness) instead of infill. That will give it more strength than more infill and more efficient on materials.

E24bb734e53c2d635f506fdf67b2364b?default=blank&size=40pierce commented ago

What infil are people using for this?
Just put the grip and emitter together and snapped off the end by mistake, only at 15% infil wonder if I should have gone higher or just been less clumsy!
P.S. amazing model, looks very good quality

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Pirate 3D - Buccaneer 3D printer
Thank you, this is amazing!
The model is amazing, we're going to attempt the complex version now though!
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Flashforge - Creator 2
Wonderful design work!
Printed in ABS at 0.15 layer height. Painted with rattlecan spray, acrylic, and Rub-N-Buff
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