Star Wars Lightsaber (Normal version)

Inspired by the Star Wars Lightsaber. This is a full scale Lightsaber in honor of Star Wars day! (And any other day for a bit of fun)


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This is the normal version, there's also a complex version made out of more than 14 pieces! Find it here:

This is the normal version which is made out of only a few pieces. Jacky, aka Valcrow, created this model for Ultimaker and wrote a guest blog about it. It's interesting to read because it shows the differences between the simple and complex version, tips & tricks on how to print it and also how to assemble it. Read it here:

Update! New blog written by Jacky about painting 3D prints, including a sweet video tutorial:

Model is hand painted by Valcrow from


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User placeholderxkucocommentedago

where did you get that airbrush cleaner???? it looks printed i am very interested in that

User placeholderAlex3Dcommentedago

You have to know much paint but it is very successful.

User placeholderHrgocommentedago

Love SF movies! This cyber skull would be also a great toy or a project to do!!index?name=Funny+toy&model_id=199

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

I've tried to add my pics a could of times - all appears to go well (no error messages) but the pic never show up under 'Printed By'.

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

Yup, not many have spotted the differences, but the painted one is actually the complex version so it's a bit more detailed.

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

WOW! The complex one is amazing! I guess that answers my earlier question about the pics being different from the models here!

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

Awesome can't wait to see. also the complex version is up now too if you're up to the challenge.

@dim3nsioneer, 0.06mm should definately work... I tried .15 and it seemed fine on full scale and half scale. It might not be super clean since the overhang is quite steep, but that's what the complex version is for. :P

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

Well! I finally managed to get my saber painted up. I printed one for a friend and he walked my through the weathering process. Pics of them are coming up soon!

Mini dim3nsioneer 3Dim3nsioneercommentedago

I used 0.06mm layer height and got two layers which were out in the air.

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

It may begin in the air if your layer height is too high, it's a steep angle for sure, but it should still work. (at least at 0.15mm or under)

Mini dim3nsioneer 3Dim3nsioneercommentedago

There is a problem with the clip of the pommel. It begins in air (would actually need support). By slightly redesigning it, this problem could be fixed. Please... :-)

Mini asian head06.jpg4a49d63f af14 4b3b bc38 02ce8df6ed89larger3d printing forumcommentedago

too cool

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

@infiniTTTy - you have a keen eye my friend! :P

@ dhim, I would not recommend printing the blade sideways, I can't see that turning out well like you said with all the supports. Your best bet would be to edit the blade, cut out a middle section to shorten the overall length so the connectors stay in place to make it fit onto your build platform.

To remove the extra round support piece, remove the whole print FIRST together, and then push the round extra support towards the tip. The gap should allow it to snap off nicely. if you try to break it laterally, you may damage the blade.

User placeholderdhimcommentedago

For anyone that printed this, quick question. I have the bottom part printed and it looks like it will turn out perfect as long as I don't break something while cleaning. However on the blade, I actually had to print the pieces sideways as the Replicator wouldn't fit it height wise (so many supports!). My question is how are you guys removing the base without damaging the blade?

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

Another question - in the finished pictures, it looks like the 'bubbles' and the knobs are separate, but here they're modeled together. Just wondering why. Thanks again!

Sorry for all of the questions!

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

great! Thanks very much!

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

The round thing at the base is just to support the print so when it gets too tall and wobbly it stays stable without a brim. Since a brim would cover the hole which the triple flanges should go.

But be sure to remove the whole print first. and then push the support piece along the axis of the blade, the blade is thin so any sideways movement can break it.

You need 1 base blade, 1 base tip, and any number of mid sections for customizable length. They should all attach together via triple flanges.

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

One more question about the blade - is each blade section suppose to have that flange? I assume you're supposed to print out all three and lock them together but that means you'd have the flange in the middle of the blade, right?

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

Note - on Lightsaber_Turbine I needed to using "Combine everything (Type-A)" in Cura 14.03 otherwise the turbine wasn't attached to the housing when sliced. Maybe there's a slight geometry problem with that model?

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

Printing is in progress! Thanks

User placeholderValcrowcommentedago

Assembly is straight forward, the pin goes between the grip and the rifle grenade. Just align the triple flanges with the holes and press it in. Turn clockwise until tightened. Should only be about 100 degrees of turning.

Post pictures when you're done!

Mini keenInfiniTTTycommentedago

Looks great! Printing now!

Any instructions building or should it be pretty straight forward? Just print on of everything?

Mini ultilogo 2Ultimakercreated this designago