super fan duct for ultimaker -- delicious clam

say goodbye to curling edges and ugly overhangs

3D printer parts and enhancements

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    Master piece of Delicious and Clam King !
    Say goodbye to curling edges and ugly overhangs!
    Up to 80 degrees overhang without any support structure!

    BUT EVERYTHING HAS ITS COSTS. Some sacrifices must be made.
    The printing length of x axis will be 25-35mm shorter. Use the slider extender attached.
    Recommend to print first one with few support, and use this fan duct to print another without support.

    Don't ask me to do some modifications to shrink the width of fan duct !

    “if you always make things people ask for and don't have any courage to lead the customers, your products will be neither fish nor fowl" A wise respectable old buddy



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    85b4744bb777a694a5c3ef23e1e7a318?default=blank&size=40Arayel added this to the Ultimaker 2 collection ago
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    0ab9212d97a7ec3e1ab75af4016e8c99?default=blank&size=40Cinezaster commented ago

    It's a pity it is not for Ultimaker original and not for dual extrusions. If your already modifying it, keep on going :-p. Great job.

    Question: Does the spinning fan has an effect on the airflow?

    F66edfbb3861142f4cbec3a7496ca4e1?default=blank&size=40Loboptlu commented ago

    Hi would very interest me . I have a ultimaker2 go so every cm counts unfortunaly. 😟

    Mini dsc 0153Casey added this to the Ultimaker Accessories collection ago
    8d252b37875ff05562eadcc02aa8ffdf?default=blank&size=40duckgogogo commented ago

    hey loboptlu, i have already began to modify the fanduct, try to balance the flux on two sides by increase the pressure loss of right side. and shrink the width.

    F66edfbb3861142f4cbec3a7496ca4e1?default=blank&size=40Loboptlu commented ago

    You know that saying only works for monopols as soon as there are alternatives you ll get dumped as a supplier . Your buddy might be wise but i think that time he was under some bachus spirit ;). Trade school 101 always try to supply the customer what he wants as long as its reasonable and never should you not listen to customers . Ok i know this is not a customer seller relation ;) but if ever you want to become a trader or similar throw that saying into a grinder and never remember it again. The only ones who can pull that of are Apple because their fan boys dont think rationnally.

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