Supersized/1 Meter Long TOS Enterprise with Stand and Redesigned Bussard Scoops

Large Format Model, cut up to print without supports-Flexible scaling


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Warning: These are optimized files and are STILL HUGE. That may be why the Engineering area with struts is not showing.
To get the full sized files, you can go here:
This is a 1 Meter long TOS Enterprise. It is cut up into parts that can be printed without supports. Included is a large sized Instruction sheet that lays out how many of each tab to print.

The individual parts are full mesh resolution and oriented to print. It is a collection of huge file sizes. But carries decent detail.

The Optimized files are grouped by sections and are not oriented to print. They also lose some fidelity during the optimization process.But, not everybody can process or has fast internet, so, this was to offer choice.

A more in-depth look at printing and development can be found here:
This is a still ongoing thread as I get more materials up, including print images and some things I did to facilitate printing. I printed most of the model in Polycarbonate for strength, well, until I ran out of it. Then I switched to CPE+. So, keep a look out if you want to see tips and tricks as well as post processing updates.

I am going to be printing a new piece to go inside the Nacelle Scoops to get that cool lighting look without having to light the model. It just ain't designed for lighting unless you want to bore out a lot of space to run wiring. I may set something like that up in the future. WAY in the future LOL But, as soon as I get scoop effects pieces printed and tested, I will add it to the mix. Well, I hope it works. Pre-render tests seem to look good. But visualization and reality do not always match up.

This thing took a little more than a week to print.

As a helpful hint, print the tabs last so that you can adjust for individual materials, shrinkage expansion.

How I Designed This

Designed to be printed without supports

This will of course depend on your printer and material you use. It is designed to allow for enlargement and reduction should you want to play with scale. Each part is watertight and no red errors in slicers.

I went with a tab and slot system as I found it to allow for the most flexibility if one chooses to enlarge or reduce the model to print on various systems and materials.

Markings are in raised guides to facilitate painting should you desire to do so. I did try to make them easy to see and use, yet not obtrusive.

The deflector dish was designed to be added post production so that if you want to paint the model, it will make it easier to paint that copper color inside the deflector rings. The images seen so far are just the Engineering section epoxied together, the Saucer section Epoxied together, the Nacelle Scoops (printed in different, transparent color) and Deflector Dish epoxied (Not visible in the photos) are in a loose fitting for the pics, and to facilitate the post printing process. It is just easier to putty, prime, sand and prepare the parts and then epoxy together for a final paint job.

The stand will come a bit later as I am still printing out some things. I just wanted to get this much up because, well, it just takes forever to print, if you are REALLY ambitious.

I am in the process of puttying and sanding then painting the model. Not in a hurry as I like to take a Zen approach to such things. I find it relaxing, no need to rush it :)

Link to full sized Instructions 4096 Wide-Suitable for Printing :) If you like such things....

Stardate 06-24-'17 (I am such a nerd... )
I have updated the set of designs with the new Nacelle scoops. There is a really sucky image and an MP4 file I attempted to upload here. It took it, but in case you cannot see it here, you can find it here:

Final Update:
The stand is now up with renderings to show the parts and how it fits onto the engineering section. There are better pics of the new Bussard Scoops to show how they look unlit. There is one that is just a non-single wall version with no interior fluting. Two are different levels of fluting for choice.

I believe I have everything up now. Hope so. If anybody finds a corrupt file or missing part, PM me.

Materials and methods

This was designed to print without supports. This will depend on printer and materials.
I used Polycarbonate until I ran out and then switched to CPE+. Both are translucent. Infill is part dependent, patterns dependent on orientation of printed part and can be seen through the Transparent skin.



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