Issue The Backrooms 1998 #1

sesten opened this issue on February 09, 2023 08:55

Dealing with a terrible and nasty adversary that is lurking in your backroom is not a simple task in backrooms game. Players should avoid running unless it is absolutely essential since they are hypersensitive to noise. They need to conceal themselves instead by hiding in crawl spaces and closets, shutting doors behind them, and listening for the sound of enemy footsteps. The fact that the opponent does not have eyes is stated on a notice that is affixed to the wall before the game begins. On the other hand, someone discovered me across the room standing very motionless and keeping a low profile. It is possible to prevent becoming lost in the game by using spray paint to create a trail for the player to follow. It would seem that the adversary is unable to perceive it. Audio input is another another potential risk of which you need to be aware. If you yell at your opponent or take many deep breaths into the microphone, they will be quickly alerted to your presence.


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