Tardis with drawers

Combination of Tardis with doors and stacker drawers

For your home

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Tardis with doors and stacking drawers



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OK, got the light done. I printed the light with zero infill, and I used Slic3r's "cut" function to cut it into two parts @ 14mm so I could put a 6mm blue LED inside. I broke off the delicate post and drilled two 1mm holes for the leads and enlarged the hole for the light mount, then just put it together with DuPont wires. A printed dual-AAA battery holder and a 220ohm resistor finished it off; this resulted in a fairly bright light, the blue is still visible when it's in direct sunlight, but it's still burning a week later and hasn't diminished noticeably so I guess I won't put a bigger resistor in. Oddly enough, when I tried to get a good picture, I could not get my cell 'phone to capture the blue color, it just looks white! So you'll just have to use your imagination (or make your own, of course, that's why we're here).

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AnyCubic Chiron
I now have a cute little TARDIS full of drawers. I'm not quite happy with the light on top; ideally I'll put a blue LED up there with a battery holder in the dead space below the roof.
On the pro side, I don't know anyone else with this classy a chest of drawers! It printed OK, but if I had to do it again I'd use supports on the main box. The entire back wall looks stringy, and the side walls had drooping strings on the long bars. But who looks at the back wall anyway, and I just cut the strings off the sides--they were of course on the back of the bars. No printing issues with the doors or the drawers; the Chiron is finally producing nice prints consistently due to a direct-drive conversion and some massive electronics cooling improvements. Only took me a year and a half to get there! I have a complaint, though: Neither I nor my better half have figured out what to put in it!
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I have never seen one with drawers before. It looks really creative to have the drawers neatly concealed inside so your mess can stay organised without being exposed out in the open. It could be a tiring process though to have to open so many doors just to retrieve your items inside.

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to be ultracritical the light is a bit loose
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HICTOP RepRap Prusa i3
to be ultracritical the light is a bit loose
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