Test print for Ultimaker 2

It tests calibration and print speed 1. Open model 2.Load gcode to scene 3.Save 4.Print

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 230 temp, transparent PLA, i've made test print to know, is everything alright

Materials and methods

Transparent PLA


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    Um2 Extrusion Test No Ret 3 10mm3
    GCODE  –  1.1 mb
    Version 1 - Jun 14, 2014


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How! It's been a long time without coming here ... Glad to come back a little.

I am facing an extrusion problem on a machine. It is different from Ultimaker. I know that my request will seem special to you and that it may fall into oblivion. I try anyway.

I would like to reproduce the test cylinder 3mm3 / s - 10mm3 / s but for a wire diameter of 1.75mm. Is it possible to have a little help in GCODE for this wire diameter and a 0.4mm nozzle without retraction?

Thank you so much.


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And this only works for 0.4mm nozzle correct? For different nozzles a different file would need to be sliced, correct?

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Hi Arthur, how did you make this? Do you have any links to resources explaining how to slice a model so that you have different settings at different layers/heights? What layer height is this set to print with? I looked at the gcode and it looks like it prints with 0.25 layer heights. So is it correct to say that your speed settings in your slicer where 30mm/s, 40mm/s, 50mm/s, 60mm/s .... etc... all the way up to 100mm/s? Thanks for the help.

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Great thing, except for it not continuing further, which might be useful today?

Also, upon finishing the tube, it got wierd, and my UM2+ did a wierd sound as if stuck. I had to cut power temporarly to reboot it. Wierd. Surely my poor machines fault though.

I'll try this again shortly, with my smaller nozzles, just out of extreme curiosity!

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Will this work with UM3?

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Printed on:
Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
Result is as seen in the photo. Although my printer isn't really well calibrated/tuned.
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Printed on:
ultimaker 2
Perfect Results
Using a Flex3Drive and a Olsson Block
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