The All You Can Feed Buffet v1.3 :-)

β€’ This is "CPv7-BEMF" - UNIVERSAL (Bowden Extruder-Material-Feeder). To have the BEST, maybe NO. But to have the MOST UNIVERSAL, maybe YES :-) :-) :-)

3D printer parts and enhancements

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!!! Currently under construction (...PAUSED for an unspecified period...). Content might be faulty and incomplete !!!

β€’ This ELEVEN -parts object is one component of my One Man - *Co.Me.Do.ONE - project. CP-v7 (Co.Me.Do. - Part No: 7). To use this printable object, additional components are required.

β€’ Description 1:

β€’ The All You Can Feed Buffet...

β€’ MENU 1: The complete CPv7 Download Package for 3mm and 2.85mm Filament (Already available).

β€’ MENU 1.1: !!! Great stability improvements to the feeder base (Today: 2014-12-16) !!!

β€’ MENU 1.3: !!! Stability improvements to the feeder base (Today: 2015-12-22) !!!

β€’ The basic design has been completely revised again ... BEMF - Reloaded :-)

β€’ Significantly lower breakage / will bend Risk of all static elements, with the use of possibly substandard filaments for the construction of the feeder.

β€’ The Bowden guide on the base now allow easier insertion and removal of the standard Bowden tubing OD: 6 / ID: 4mm.

β€’ The two stabilizing bridges were revised slightly.

β€’ MENU 1.5: Carriages for alternative couplings eg. UM - Tube collet (Will be soon available).

β€’ MENU 2: The complete CPv7 Download package for 3mm, 2.85mm and 1.75mm Filament (Will soon be available).

β€’ MENU 3: SketchUp source files (Will soon be available).

β€’ Description 2:

β€’ The CPv7-BEMF-v1 basic design has completed over 750 hours of operation successful.

β€’ Universal "Bowden-Extruder - Material-Feeder", suitable for filaments with a diameter of 3mm, 2.85mm, and later 1.75mm.

β€’ Based on the conventional unicycle-principle: Suitable for a variety of knurled and hobbed drive wheels.

β€’ Finely adjustable uniform pressure, and the lowest possible friction: A large counterpressure roller (608ZZ-Bearing), and two limiting rollers (624ZZ-Bearing), can reliably carry material through the couplings in the Bowden.

β€’ One hundred percent compatible with the Ultimaker 2 machine, Software and firmware adjustments are NOT required. But fully universally applicable.

β€’ Modular feeder structure: Adjustable guide slides available for different hard and thick filaments: Even flexible filaments, for example Ninja Flex (Layer: 0.1mm / speed. 20-25mm/s.) can be printed with CPv7. But tests with very soft filaments are currently not yet completed.

β€’ Depending on the selected guide slides, an almost trouble-free material change is possible: it needs a little force for inserting new material, it must be straightened slightly only in the initial region. The adjustment of the spring tensioning lever can be moved temporarily close to zero, this allows an added locking lever.

β€’ A very reliable and almost wear-free operation is possible depending on the correct implementation. A simple work for a 3D printer, and a not too complicated work for the user. All optional components are relatively cheap to buy. You need for a successful reproduction a generally functioning 3D printer. Unfortunately, a whole long printing time is expected. Ask at best an experienced friend or colleague to accompanying Support.

β€’ Very stable Bowden guide (Bowden Fix) at the top outlet: The lower material supply can be easily implemented by means of a short length Bowden. An almost free of play support for the Bowden tube in direct interaction with the presented powerful pneumatic couplings, shorter retractions are possible, and a sudden grip loss is almost unthinkable. But there will be later carriages for alternative couplings.

β€’ Integrated cable Management.

β€’ There are different covers to choose from: The installation of a neutral variant is easy to implement.

β€’ Versions for left and right rear panel mounting available. Note for Ultimaker 2 users: Please use the right version. The left version is currently not optimized for extruder 2 operation, and does not fit on the rear Panel.

β€’ Information regarding enhancements and bug fixes you will find in the "Comment" section. Photos with the already assembled object does not show the latest design.
β€’ Again and again: My work for you lives solely by your feedback. If something is wrong or useless in my designs, I need more information from you so that I can ever change anything. Suggestions to improve or simplify my designs and descriptions are highly desirable. So if you use my designs and parts thereof, please take a few moments to convey a little feedback.

Materials and methods

!!! CAUTION !!!

- SORRY, BUT: This is not for people who dip their biscuits in the coffee ... not for the impatient wimps...Please go ahead and look for simple Solutions :-)

- For proper material feed please make sure that you always use a clean print head. This strong material feeder does not remove any existing problems caused by the printhead.

- ALL 3D objects created with SketchUpMake. / All hard Materials usable...This parts printed with: InnoFill and Ultimaker PLA / Layer: 0.1mm / Infill: =>35 Percent / Temp: 215 Degree / Speed: 35>>>70mm/s.

- PLEASE print all items with identical settings.

- WARNING: Avoid PLA printing with insufficient infill (less than 33%) in combination with temperatures below 205 degrees. Objects with fine static structures can be very unstable due to poor Layer-Adhesion. Incorrect retraction settings, such as for example too long or too fast retractions can cause big problems in an object with small static elements.

- PLEASE use a special printing surface, so your objects get almost smooth and mate base areas, also lower platform temperatures are possible.

- PLEASE use the glas printing surface, so your objects get almost glossy base areas.

- DIRECT PRINTING ON GLASS: High risk of material Warping and complete detachment from the glass surface, especially for very large objects and insufficient build platform temperatures less than 60 degrees. An excessive build platform temperature higher than 70 degrees, can cause object deformations and dimensional inaccuracies mainly in areas near the glass surface.

- BEFORE THE RELEASE, there was an almost 500 hours continuous test phase, besides, many components have been optimized and revised several times. Provided that your machine can produce nearly flawless reproductions, then you get a very reliable and universally applicable instrument.

- ULTIMAKER 2 OWNER MUST NOT MAKE CHANGES directly on the machine / software / Firmware: CPv7 was created for the UM2. But, ONE additional 4mm diameter hole in the UM2 backplane brings more mechanical stability for the spring tension lever.

- WARNING: The CPv7 couplings are choosen for 6mm Bowden. The original UM and UM2-PTFE-Bowden has a diameter of OD: 6.35mm / ID: 3.17mm. Reduce the initial diameter of an original UM-Bowden (recommended) over a total length of at least 15mm, or use a OD: 6.00 / ID: 4.00mm-Bowden (Not recommended).

- If anything does not fit immediately properly then please no assembly by brute force. Sometimes suffice minor corrections with a nail file or more specific tools. Also a re-print of perhaps five to ten degrees lower or higher temperature can help.


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    Additional Parts
    ZIP  β€“  5.8 mb
    Version 1 - Dec 22, 2015
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    Base Bemf
    ZIP  β€“  24 mb
    Version 1 - Dec 22, 2015
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    Carrier Fila3 Pn6mm
    ZIP  β€“  2.7 mb
    Version 1 - Dec 22, 2015
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    Carrier Spring Bearing
    ZIP  β€“  1.6 mb
    Version 1 - Dec 22, 2015
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    Hint S
    ZIP  β€“  11 mb
    Version 1 - Dec 22, 2015


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