The Rain Is Over

A girl in spring attire, barely touching the ground, walks along the edge of a stream and believes that life is beautiful.


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I remember you I remember
The joy stray risen like the dawn
Flying gait you came out of the may
And disappeared from view in the January.
Yuri Antonov

I remember the first impression of the part taken in hand, printed on an FDM printer - it was unexpectedly light. And although I worked it, self determined the thickness of the walls and the degree of filling, saw the calculated weight - my senses pointed - this thing is not from the usual world, it is something aerospace.

The desire to convey the feeling of this lightness, even weightlessness, through the language of the sculpture caused the idea of the presented work. The end of spring, the beginning of summer. It had just rained and a rainbow spread across the sky like a shining bridge. A girl in spring attire, barely touching the ground, walks along the edge of a stream and believes that life is beautiful.

Technical details:
Model: TheRainIsOver
Author: 3DLadnik
Figure height: 180 mm
Figure height with stand: 193 mm.
3D printer: LAD-1.0

In the manufacture of this figure, printing an umbrella with a dome 0.72 mm thick (two perimeters when printing with a 0.3 mm nozzle) became a challenge and achievement. But you always want to go further and see what is there? For example, will the dome of an umbrella be one perimeter (0.36 mm) thick? Changed the model and started printing. From the third time, but it turned out! And what can your printer? Umbrella models with a dome thickness of 0.72 mm and 0.36 mm here. I suggest a challenge - #I _Printed_Umbrella.

Materials and methods

DASplast ABS uncolored
FDM 3D printer
Resolution: 0.1mm



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